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chyanna's edits 7/26/2021 updated uv pack - with lip and eyeshadow and a few obj parts

edited July 27 in Characters
Chyanna's edits and hopefully soon object repositories ----Rebuilding atm trying to consolidate everything into one post.

UV updated pack - now with lip and eyeshadow and a few obj parts

clothing texture overlay uv
for those that want the bikini and shorts overlay, i included some themed bikini wear and blank ones -
*** a few samples of the uv pack more to come in the future

Loona from Helluvaboss -

Gianna the Doberman -

Sidney the Cougar -

Mittens from Boltz -

Isabelle from animal crossing -

Dog Mom Mabel by Cherrikissu -

Altx's Worgen -

Rogue the Bat -

ScorBunny -

Pikachu with poke master hat -

Female Sonic the Hedgehog -

Elizabeth the Eagle -

Haru from Beastars feat. Legosi -

AppleJack - MLP -

Elsa wolf -

Shandi The Cobra -
started off like so but seem to flat and simple, so with a little bit of messing with blender and gimp2 (my photoshop ran out a while ago and i am cheap) i decided to give her a more scalie body and more skinnier tail still needed to mess with it some more and

Witch Cat Tayla with her pet cat shadow -

Harnny The Dragon Milf -

Missy the Dalmatian -

Samus Aran -

Nicole Watterson - Wonderful world of gumball - Rental mom milf ***whiskers and claws not working -

Sunny the Cow -

Vanilla the Rabbit. feat tails -

Ose the cat by Mochizuki Tooya -

Raptor Blue - Jurassic World -

Nnecgrau's Dragon queen Gallar (fox mom version) -

Nala from Lion King -

Harkoa the spirit leapord in wow -



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