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LutherSlade's Stable - [NEW Doe, Trojan Horse, Pegasus, Palomino Stallion, Zebra]

edited June 8 in Characters
I think there has long been a grave shortage of stallions, and mares. Truly a tragedy. Thanks to dogson I will be rectifying this issue shortly!

Daphne - Dappled Doe - Final

Dakota - Stoic Stag - Final

Trojan - Sculpted Saboteur - Final


Apollonia - Fiery Chariotess - Final

                   Outdated -!dPxWXIDT!FwZ4GV4j1PyTLKSjZu_lC6VNu_fpktE-skx1bb1XDfY


El Palo - Humble Stud - Final



Checkers - Bashful Beachcomber - Final


Group Photos

Apollonia holds a friendly contest to find out how the Stable 'Members' measure up.

"I figured out why they call you 'El Palo.'" - A
"¿Oh. . . because of my birth mark?" - PP
"No silly - it's your eighteen inches of Latin love!" - A

"Feeling a little cold? Need me to warm you up first?" - A
"Very funny, just get this stupid contest over with so I can get back to my nap." - C
"Four inches... so... I don't suppose you're a grower and not a show'er?" - A
" . . . " - C


Outdated Stuff


  • odesodes Administrator
    Very handsome stallion. I like what you did with the fluff meshes around crotch.
  • edited February 9
    Thank you! It's almost like a majestic mane, but honestly it was just a surrogate until I figure out how to fluff group. :D
  • edited February 10
    Gorgeous character!
    How do you install a yl2c file? For the life of me, I can't find info on it. 
  • odesodes Administrator
    edited February 10
    You can just load the file from any location (File > Load in YL2).

    By default, characters are stored in "%appdata%\YL2\Characters".
  • I'm an idiot, I was trying to do this in YL1  :#
  • Is there a download link for the zebra?
  • I have added a download link for Checkers, however, (possibly due to a glitch?), you must manually re-enable the Gradient Masks for the Shoulders, Upper back, and Face under the Texture Builder. They don't seem to save properly.
  • odesodes Administrator
    Thanks for making us aware of that issue. I will investigate as soon as I can.
  • odesodes Administrator
    This bug has been fixed and the fix will be part of the next release. Thanks again for making us aware of it.
  • (Sees pegasus, proceeds to pick up jaw from floor) All I can say is I am more than impressed!
  • @odes
    No, thank you for all your dedication.
    I'm glad you like her, but I'd be careful, she may look hot to trot, but I've heard rumors that she's a bit of an ice queen.
  • DogsonDogson Administrator
    Really impressive!

  • Loving that character
  • Thank you both.
    Been really cool to see how far these models can go @Dogson.
    Love your work @Craket!
  • I just noticed your additional character Trojan, that is insanely cool looking! You did do a tiny bit similar with the apolina character, but here its all about that texture work and thats cool as all hell.
  • A million thanks! I feel obliged to say that your work definitely inspired me to seriously explore what's possible with the editor. I think your fluff work is amazing, and you have a consistent aesthetic, yet a wide range of characters. Very impressive stuff!

    As for Trojan and Apollonia, I'm possibly a teeny bit inspired by playing through AC: Odyssey right now during quarantine. Black-figure pottery is just so pleasing to the eye.

    I don't know about your work-flow but I always do fluff last, because it's kind of a chore without a mass add multiple fluff option (that I am aware of?), so I'll post the final version of him with fluff and tweaks soon!
  • Here's a more updated version of Trojan, still putting off adding fluff though. :#

  • DogsonDogson Administrator
    Those vase depictions are a really nice touch, did you add the extra "flares" there or did another artist do those? :D
  • @Dogson I certainly took some artistic liberties there, good eye :D
  • My latest two characters, sibling pair, Daphne and Dakota.

  • Link Download?

  • Don't need download links anymore, now that the cloud's up and running we can share characters directly through the yl2.
  • As mentioned above, I will no longer be providing links on the forum, you can download the characters directly from within YL2 now using the Cloud.
  • Julian, by rajii.

    Inspired by,

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