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Brownmane's Bestiarum - [New: Ameliée Reliure the BDSM Unicorn + Assets] - 6 Characters

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Je veux aller au bout des mes fantasmes

Je sais que c'est interdit

Je suis folle, je m'abandonne

Mea culpa

Ameliée Reliure (Liée for short) is, seemingly, an introverted, mild-mannered archivist with a rare neurological condition that affects her vocal cords; she can speak, but doing so is painful. The poor girl can only manage a sentence or two before she needs a rest. Consequently, she’s developed a bit of an obsession with non-verbal communication, and coupled with the fact that the material she curates at her job is primarily BDSM related, it’s little surprise she’s got a darker streak of taut latex hiding under the unassuming surface.

She can pull off both the roles of dominant and submissive, as her condition lends itself well to the masochistic thrill of pleasured screams inflicting considerable pain by themselves, as well as the sadistic act of making others have even more trouble speaking than her with a (rather impressive) collection of gags.

With new and improved horns, old Aeniolus cuts a most statuesque figure, as someone made of bronze ought to. While not the most precious of metals, it has a certain warmth to it and is not afraid to be among the common folk or of doing some proper work, much like the cheeky dragoness herself.

...In a press statement earlier today, Brownmane Heavy Industries reassured the public that the experimental liquid latex prototype that escaped their laboratories is harmless, aside from an overactive libido. However, they cautioned that while the unit is loaded with standard behavioral constraint programming, it has not undergone extensive quality assurance evaluation and therefore may exhibit unusual and unpredictable behavior. BmHI is offering a reward for any information that could lead...

Brownmane Heavy Industries proudly presents: U5-4G1 model F
This chrome comfort unit is fit for all your sexual needs, especially with the optional D attachment for all you more adventurous user out there. Lonely nights are a thing of the past with her at your side.

From the fabled land of Albion come two hearty horses; Sheridan, the short but stout Shetland Stallion and Shirley, the strong but shy Shire Mare. This dichotomous duo is sure to see some sexy shenanigans.

Having trouble estimating the size of the character you're making? No worries, we have the solution! Introducing the 5-Meter Height Measure, counted in centimeters and with inches on the other side for all you sneering imperialists out there:

(Protip: increasing the scale to 2.0 essentially makes it a 10-Meter measure for any truly giant characters; just remember to multiply the height it indicates by two to get the accurate number.)

Also included is the handy 1-Meter Length Measure, an absolute must-have for any dick measuring contest you might find yourself a participant of:

Need a spiraling horn? We've got you covered with these two beauties; the classic straight and proud model as well as the trendy, dynamic curved variant. You'll be making all kinds of mythical beasts in no time with these in your arsenal:

While most of Liée’s custom assets are tailor-made for her and therefore probably need adjusting for other characters, the sybian, riding crop and nipple piercing are fairly universal, at least. I'm sure her tail will also prove useful for other unicorns and maybe some other species as well. Still, I’ll bundle them all into one package for convenience’s sake.

Character Files:

Sheridan the Shetland Stallion
Shirley the Shire Mare
U5-4G1 model F
U5-4G1 model F w/ D attachment
L41LA1-1 the Liquid Latex Lifeform
Aeniolus the Bronze Dragoness
Ameliée Reliure the Unicorn - Dominant - Submissive

Custom Assets:

Measures, 5-Meter for Height and 1-Meter for Length
Spiral Horns
L41LA1-1's Rising Goop Puddle and Goopy Fluff Mask
Ameliée's Assets


  • Wait, how did you get two characters in the the same shot? I thought we couldn't do that yet.
  • edited February 16
    I thought we couldn't do that yet.
    With the power of Photoshop you can. There's a neat little feature that can be exploited when loading a character; the camera stays in place, so all you need to do is pose some characters in the scene, find a camera angle that will work, load each character in sequence, taking a screenshot of each of them from the same camera view and slap them all together, making sure to do any necessary edits along the way.

    Works best when the characters don't overlap, but with a bit of extra work, that could be done too. The biggest problem with that would be the posing, since you can't see exactly where the other characters are going to be when posing one character.
  • Ah, Photoshop magic. I see. Still, I've been thinking that something the developers could do is enable us to pose two or more characters at once. I know it will still be a while before the interaction systems are in place but this way we can arrange the characters for screen shots at least.
  • DogsonDogson Administrator
    I love the care you put down, but also your eagerness to try to push the mesh that you put down in your work, Brownmane
  • edited February 16
    It would indeed be a handy feature, but it could be trickier to implement than it would at first seem. A temporary solution in the form of being able to save camera positions would also be good, as that would make it easier to do tweaks to the poses without ruining the shot in the process.

    Also, made a quick update to Shirley; realized I forgot to put eyebrows on her. Link's updated with the fix.

    Also also, there's a bit of a bug with the fluff rendering. I'm guessing it's not based on the amount present but rather on camera position relative to the center of the default editing area; it also happens in the editing area, but on the bridge it happens far more often, generally with angles that point away from the editing area.
    Exhibits A and B:

    Now you see it...

    ...Now you don't.
    Here's the output log, in case it helps.

    Also also also, Thank you kindly, Dogson. What exactly do you mean by "eagerness to try to push the mesh that you put down in your work", though? The fact that I go nuts with the bone editing features and create bodyshapes that wildly differ from the original base model? Well, experimentation is always fun, and if I can get interesting results with it, all the better.
  • @Brownmane That's fair. I'll just wait then.
  • DogsonDogson Administrator
    Oof, that is annoying, we'll try to solve the bug, I'm positive Odes can fix it. 

    Yes, the eagerness part was in that you seem to use all the tools available in there with the bone scale editing, one thing I hope more users will try to use to get what they want out of the body mesh but I don't think I've seen that much of up to this point. 

    I'll happily admit that it could be a failing from our side, making the bone scale tools looking a bit intimidating for users having nothing to do with 3d space manipulation earlier on and that we may need to overhaul the UI/UX on the scaling part, making it much more user friendly in an future update.
  • I don't find the bone scale tools too difficult. All it's really missing is a few quality-of-life features (such as uniform scaling without resetting each axis in the process, the bar displaying how close a given slider is to maximum and not having each drop down menu open by default) and finer control of the head; right now I can't get long muzzles without an extruding back of the head as part of the deal:

    But then, I went on something of a character customization pilgrimage before your first release, so I'm more used to screwing around with complex UI elements than most and therefore I might not be the best source of advice. All I can really say is that you should never sacrifice flexibility for simplicity, especially with a system as powerful as this one, as that always runs the risk of dumbing things down and limiting user abilities, which would obviously be disastrous.
  • @odes would it be possible to implement shaft's length distribution for heads?
    For some reason I imagined the heads having CurveX slider and I can't stop laughing about an erect muzzle.
  • edited February 16
    Added U5-4G1 model F, chrome comfort unit with optional D attachment, to the list.

    Ran into another bug; it seems balls can no longer be made metallic:

    No metal...

    ...Full metal, no effect. Also tested with a fresh character on a fresh start, same result. Guess our robot bunny will have to make do with rubber balls for now.

    Output file for your convenience.
  • odesodes Administrator
    Really nice horse characters @Brownmane ! Thanks for sharing.

    And thanks for making us aware of that bug. I'll investigate immediately.
  • odesodes Administrator
    The metallic bug has been fixed. It won't go live until next release though.
  • Really good robot character. They look pretty damn good.
  • edited February 18
    Added L41LA1-1 the Liquid Latex Lifeform to the list.

    Guess what? More bugs. Well, less like bugs and more like graphical imperfections, I suppose, but anyhow:

    Looks like decals have some issues with unwrap seams. Dunno if much can be done about that, and it doesn't show too well unless you go real up-close and personal like this, but I figured I may as well point it out.

    Sclera colors could use some work:

    All well and good, but if we turn a bit...

    ...We get more whitening than at the dentist. As a suggestion for future updates, more control of the material of the eye wouldn't hurt. You might want a less shiny eyeball for some characters, for example, or perhaps go full chrome for others. Heterochromia would also be a nice feature to have, even if it encourages gratuitous sparkledoggery.

    Also, alt-tabbing in pose mode can cause some texture maps to go haywire. Unfortunately, my dumb ass didn't take screenshots or logs of it when it happened, and it doesn't happen every time, so you'll have to take my word for it.

    Speaking of suggestions, could we perhaps get a method for only affecting selected fluff instances? The brush tool's great when handling lots of fluff, but it lacks precision when you're trying to aim at an errant fluff instance in the middle of a bunch of other fluff instances to make corrections. More often than not, you'll "correct" more than you were bargaining for. To be honest, I think the fluff instance list you got rid of would have been a pretty good feature, since that would have allowed you to see and make precise changes to the transform amounts, too. Consider adding it back with that functionality enabled, maybe put it under some sort of advanced tab if you're afraid it will confuse and intimidate people. Or maybe only have it enabled for the currently selected fluff instance, that would also work.

    Oh yeah, some bugs with fluff editing, too. Again, I don't have screenies or logs, but undoing tilt changes tends to undo more than just the last step, going straight back to the start. Can also happen when undoing state changes of different types, but I'm not entirely sure by what logic, seems pretty random. Undoing move tends to screw up rotation, as well.

    Here's the custom assets I used here; a goopy fluff mask and a rising goop puddle object (which turned out to be quite tricky to make, since I've only done rather low-poly stuff up to this point, but I think it turned out alright), so others can try their hand at making slime characters:

  • DogsonDogson Administrator
    Really cool concept. I hope we can develop a decal system that acts more independent from the uv seams and resolution in the future.
  • odesodes Administrator
    edited February 18
    Thanks for pointing these issues out.

    We've added a new property to the eye shader - Edge specular:

    (This used to be hardcoded at 1, but now we have this slider so you can set it to 0.)

    Without more information, we can't do much with the textures going haywire problem you're describing.

    About fluff - how does a tool for selecting a specific instance (with red highlight) and then getting a floating properties window where you can adjust it sound?

    We've been able to reproduce the bug you're describing about moving fluff instances and then undoing. Adding to todo list.

    However, we have not been able to reproduce the bug you're describing regarding tilt. Exact steps to reproduce would help us greatly.

    About decals - we've talked about this internally and done some experimentation. Here are some screencaps of our experimentation:

    The idea behind the tech is to create a new mesh based on mesh intersection. This new mesh has UVs made specifically for the projection, and therefore can retain the resolution of the decal.

    More work would be needed to actually integrate something like this into YL2, since this extra mesh would need to be deformed according to the mesh it's attached to. But it's definitely something that's possible. Priorities though ...
  • edited February 18
    Alright, looks like the haywire bug reproduces reliably on both Sheridan and L41LA1-1, at least:

    Output log.
    Looks like the limb position and deformation might be influencing factors.

    Angle and tilt don't play well together if too many of them are on the undo list back-to-back, it seems. This is with tilt and angle modified once:

    This undoes and redoes without issue. However, if we modify tilt again...

    ...And undo back to start...

    ...Then redo back to latest...

    ...Well shit. Output log.

    Didn't expect the eye fix to be that quick, heh. Looks good.

    Aye, the floating fluff options sound like a good solution.

    Interesting idea with the decal projection, and seems to produce good results. Still, it definitely isn't top priority, seeing as the current system works well enough for most purposes and who knows how tricky the new system would be to implement.
  • odesodes Administrator
    I was able to reproduce your decal issue if i:

    1. Extracted the decal texture asset.
    2. Set the local asset object to reference the extracted asset path.
    3. Changed the extracted texture asset while in pose mode.

    I was not able to make this happen unless I specifically changed the texture asset externally during posing.

    I have not been able to reproduce the issue you're having with tilt and angle. Undo and redo works for me regardless of how large the stack of actions is. (I tried doing this on the female canine template, as the seems to be what you were using in your example.)

  • Hmm, did you alt-tab in windowed or fullscreen mode? I've not tried alt-tabbing in windowed mode as that would be a bit redundant, so the issue presented itself when I went to take screenshots in native resolution from fullscreen, alt-tabbing to Photoshop to paste the shot. I certainly didn't directly mess with the texture files in or outside the program during the process.

    Could some outside program be messing with the undo function (or the textures)? I keep a bunch of programs and a browser open in the background to play music/podcasts and in case I need to fiddle around with art assets.
  • odesodes Administrator
    I was doing it in windowed mode, but I tried fullscreen just now and I can't seem to reproduce it unless I actually alter the texture during posing. :shrug:

    Outside programs shouldn't be messing with the undo function. It's only when the application is focused that it receives key strokes.
  • Strange. Fortunately, these are relatively minor problems, so it's not too much of a disaster if we can't pinpoint the cause. Could be that I've not restarted in a while, will try that shortly.
  • Nope, restarting the machine didn't help. Did a bit of further experimentation, though, it seems the position of the limbs has no effect:

    Decided to see if the masks actually got changed in any way...

    ...Everything appeared to be in order. What's more, upon switching back out of mask view...

    ...Everything was back in order. What's even more, though, is that this apparently inoculated the character against the bug, at least during that particular load of the character:

    Alt-tabbing to PS...

    ...And back again...

    ...No more accidental bleedover on the balls. I'm guessing the issue might depend on whether the character is freshly loaded and unedited or not. Output log in case it helps.

    Seems doing a forward and backward tilt change one right after the other causes at least some of the instances to spazz out, but only for one state in the undo chain:

    State 1, right before positive tilt change...

    State 2, right before negative tilt change. Note the errant instance...

    ...Which corrects itself in state 3, and stays so...

    ...In state 4, which is the last on the chain. In fact, it stays very still, but I'm not sure if that's due to me not hitting it with the brush or not. Output log (Pastebin complained about the size again).

    Also, forgot to suggest this, but I originally found myself wanting to turn L41LA1-1 around the Z axis to get a better angle for the background of the camera shot. Well, I went about trying that by selecting everything:

    Grabbing the Y-wheel and swerving, aaaAAAAAA...

    ...AAAaawOuch. Good thing she's made out of semi-liquid latex. Hmmm, now that I look at this, though, maybe if I...

    ...Yes, looks like I can achieve the desired results by selecting only the relevant nodes, namely the active limbs and pelvis. Looks like I wasted a good half-hour or so Photoshopping her promotional image yesterday, heh. Bit of a false alarm, I guess, but some method for quickly selecting the nodes and easily turning/moving a posed character around wouldn't go amiss. I guess you'd have to write a script that checks which limb nodes are active and selects those in addition to the pelvis.
  • Added the first character I made with YL2, Aeniolus, to the list with some shiny new horns, which I added as well, along with two measures for figuring out character size; a 5-Meter one for height and a more manageable 1-Meter one for (mainly penis) length.

    Ran into some bugs again. Shocking, I know. Let's start with the most minor one:

    Apparently, loading a character made with the first release introduces a very visible seam on the breasts. It's an easy fix though; any fiddling with the breast inflation slider causes it to disappear:

    Unfortunately, it's present every time the character is loaded, so one has to remember to fix it constantly. Also, the seam on the underside of the breast is still somewhat visible:

    While we're on the topic of minor cosmetic flaws, the eyes don't shut quite fully with the blink options. That's fine from an angle above the head, but from bellow or directly facing, well...

    Tried out instancing, with unfortunate results. Firstly, when converting a part into an instance, it tends to break mirroring:

    Luckily, it's an easy enough fix by simply un- and rechecking the mirror tick:

    Unfortunately, if you then go fiddling with the rotation or position of the reference part of the instances, it breaks their rotation and position and undo won't fix it. Didn't grab screenies of this, or the logs for it or the mirroring bug, moron that I am. The file of Aeniolus is one without instancing, though, so you can test it as well.

    Also, the alt-tab issue manifests in a new form and in this case, it is an issue in windowed mode as well:

    Switching window and when we come back again...

    ...We're missing horns. The issue is even worse in pose mode:

    Switching out and back...

    ...Oh dear. Without part instancing we also get the other horns to go wandering:

    Much as with the instancing issues (and the alt-tab mask issues from earlier), though, un- and rechecking the mirror tick fixed and inoculated the parts against the bug, but only on that particular load of the character. Also, seems that only the custom horns suffered from this; the stock ear tuft meshes stayed put. Managed to remember to grab the output log this time around, too.

    Something rather interesting happened when I tried to import the first versions of the measure models:

    Seems whatever auto-smoothing thing you've got going on doesn't like really low-poly models.

    Curiously, zooming away lessens the effect, guess it's something to do with Level of Detail:

    Armed with that knowledge, I just subdivided the meshes aggressively and that seems to have done the trick, at the cost of significantly increasing the objects' filesizes, of course:

    Here's the buggy versions of the measures in case you want to fiddle around with them.

    So, how did I arrive at what scale to use for the measures? Well, I figured that since the Male Canine Template stands on plantigrade legs, it's a reasonably safe assumption that he's more or less the same height as the average human male. So, if we set the scale so that the top of his head reads 175,4 cm...

    ...Eh, close enough. That slight deviation doesn't hurt the measure's usefulness too much, since we aren't doing rocket science and a rounding error here and there isn't going to cost millions of dollars, heh.
  • odesodes Administrator
    edited February 22
    Hi there.

    Thanks for making us aware of these bugs.

    The breast seam bug has been fixed.
    PartInstances now also work properly with gizmos and mirroring upon conversion.
    I'm still not able to reproduce your alt-tabbing errors.
  • I'm still not able to reproduce your alt-tabbing errors.

    That's unfortunate, but thankfully, they're only minor annoyances and can be countered. Guess we'll just have to scratch it up to some weird quirk in my particular machine. We'll see if they persist in future builds.

  • that measure is super useful! thanks
  • odesodes Administrator
    edited February 23
    That measure model behaving oddly has to do with tessellation. When close to the camera, tessellation will gradually kick in and smoothen out the mesh. This kind of tessellation is not suitable for meshes that are supposed to have hard edges though. The problem with this mesh is that it's using averaged normals for something that is supposed to have hard edges.

    Using the faulty mesh you provided, I simply just made the edges hard with auto smooth and angle in Blender, and then exported it again with the normals. This works fine:

  • Added Ameliée Reliure, who is based on a character concept I’ve had knockin' around my noggin for a while. Figured her BDSM gear would make for an interesting challenge, though I underestimated just how much of a challenge it would be; what was supposed to take a weekend took nearly a whole week instead. Turns out custom assets that adhere to the body in some way require quite a bit of tweaking, heh. Still, I got plenty of 3D modelling practice out of it and I’m happy with the end result, aside from a few imperfections that would take a considerable amount of trial-and-error to correct. Eh, I think I've spent a bit too much time on this project already.

    Didn’t run into any new bugs this time around, but I figured out yet another quirk in the alt-tab issues saga; apparently, they only apply to a freshly loaded character so long as it hasn’t been saved. As soon as it’s saved, even if it’s just overriding the file it was loaded from without any changes, it renders it immune to the issues until it’s loaded again. Could the issues have something to do with the fact that loading a character uncouples it from any save file until you manually specify which file it should save to? Might be worth investigating.

    I’m guessing there’s no method for making things transparent yet, as I couldn’t find any option that’d do so (aside from the hair shader, I suppose, but that’s a bit too imprecise and non-uniform for what I had in mind). While sunglasses are cool…

    ...It would be nice to have regular glasses, too, without being cheap and just disabling the lenses. I’ve also got a few ideas for transparent characters, but internal bits like the mouth and vagina could put a bit of a damper on those plans, as they’d show through, no doubt. I’m guessing it’s possible to somehow cull those from the render at the appropriate angles, though, since I’ve seen it done in other games.

    Also, gotta ask, why is the native scale of YL2 models so tiny? I need to blow them up to ten times the size in external editors (been using 3Ds Max, by the way, since I managed to snag myself a 3-year student license for it) to work on them in any capacity, as the camera will just clip through them otherwise, and that still leaves it difficult to work on the really intricate details, and, obviously, I’ll invariably forget to resize them back to the correct scale when exporting. I’m guessing there’s some method for setting the editor’s internal scale to match the model’s but I’m too much of a lazy noob to find it.

    Well, don’t really have much else to add here, so I guess I’ll just show off some screenies of Liée that didn’t make the cut for the promotional image:

  • edited March 19
    Brilliant work with the unicorn. Super stylish looking due to her elegant spiral motif such as her tail and hair. So far Ide say thats probably the best character ive seen made.

    edit: Ive JUST noticed she has flipping clothes on! You madman! wtf! Do they work when changing her body type? If its just texture, thats a really good illusion from the images. Those things that keep em togheter is 3d right? Extremely clever if it is just texture, holy cow.
  • edited March 19
    Thank you kindly for the glowing praise, heh. The "clothes" are indeed just textures, with the buckles and the bits of latex they connect to being 3D to better sell the illusion. I was thinking of what I could try to push the limits, and realized that skintight clothes are a possibility with textures. I already had this character concept laying around and it was a perfect fit for testing the idea. It's not perfect in execution, though; especially the frontal buckle tends to not line up nicely thanks to breast physics dragging the texture with them. Still, for a hacked-together implementation with minimal testing, works far better than I dared anticipate.

    Changing bodytype should theoretically work since body textures should map to all of them (will probably need new leg and hand textures for the different models they have, though), but the buckles will probably need re-positioning to line up nicely. Feel free to use them for your own projects if you'd like.
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