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Yiffalicious ➔ FurryVNE

odesodes Administrator
edited August 31 in Announcements
We're changing name on Patreon from Yiffalicious to FurryVNE. Our patreon adress is now:


Long story short - we've had troubles with banks regarding the way we've presented our products, so to protect ourselves from future problems, we've chosen to change our image and branding a bit.

This is just all surface though - we're still the same below all this. What we're doing and what we're making is identical to before.

We may go into more details about this bank story at some point in the future, but not now.

What is FurryVNE?

FurryVNE stands for Furry Visual Noveling Editor. It's essentially the "real" name for the project that was known as YL2. I'd like to think of it as YL2 being the internal project name and FurryVNE being the actual product name. So it's nothing new really - just a name change.

What happens to Yiffalicious (1)?

Nothing - it stays the same. You can still access it on the web page. Yiffalicious will continue to stay up for as long as we're in business. We won't however link it here on patreon anymore. This patreon page is devoted solely to the development of FurryVNE (formerly known as YL2).

Will adult content still be part of FurryVNE?

Of course - nothing has changed there. This is just a change in how we're presenting our work, not in what we're doing/creating.


If you have any questions, I'd be happy to try and answer. :)


  • Visual noveling ? So does that mean that we will be able to create not not just sex interactions like in YL1, but whole VNs with storyline and branching paths in "YL2" ?
  • I said this at patreon, I just find it concerning that you guys have to go through all this. I still feel like I dont have the full story, but thats fine. I think its all good as long as these changes are worth it.
  • odesodes Administrator
    The focus will still be on sex interactions, but the idea is indeed to introduce story creation aspects as well with speech bubbles and narration (in addition to being able to change poses etc).

    It will probably be possible to branch stories, but how that will work exactly is a bit too early to say right now. We need to experiment with different workflows and ideas. The focus (again) is sex scenes, so we don't want that to take a back seat to make branching easier. Rather, it should be the other way around. Hopefully we can make both things play nicely without adding a lot of complexity.
  • This has probably been asked before, but is there any future for a VR version of FurryVNE similar to Yiffalicious 1 VR? If you're adding speech bubbles and branching stories, that would be AMAZING for creating VR visual novels. You could just anchor the speech bubbles on the bottom of the VR vision so they're always in view.
  • odesodes Administrator
    VR will indeed be a thing eventually, as well as speech bubbles. How that will work exactly with VR will require some experimenting.
  • this is lit dawg
  • is it out yet and how do you download it pls help if its out ;-; i always wanted to make a sex story XD
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