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Character Rotation after attatchment.

I can't use the core node of the rhino to rotate him and the transform options won't fix it either. Why would you disable rotation after attaching the characters? :(

I've looked everywhere and I can't find a way to rotate the male character.


  • edited November 2017
    See, to rotate the dominant character you gotta look for their "spine node", it's usually the completely purple one (including its "line", you can see it on your screencap, running through the Rhino's center, ending above his head), then you translate it around to rotate the whole character at once.

    After that, you should look for "Bob" (Rhino's name) on the right side menu, click on it to expand it and look for his "Transform" options. Play around with the sliders: you can either rotate him further or offset his dick through that menu.
  • edited November 2017
    You can still rotate the male character, just not by using their center node. When you are in edit mode, look at the very last option on the males drop down list: Transform. With this you can adjust some sliders that should be able to help give the desired effect.

    Edit: Also yeah, use of the spine node is also required. It's one of the nodes that floats above the characters head.
  • Thank you. Wasn't really intuitive :)
  • Yeah...   also, that was a very unlucky choice of colors (app does it at random) for your nodes. All purple! :s
  • Yep. Hopefully everything will be a lot smoother & intuitive in the next iteration of the game.
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