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Mirrors, cameras, screens, etc.

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Just a thought for when cameras get added, it'd be nice to be able to have, in addition to actual TV and monitor models, just a resizable, generic screen, like the current mirror, which can be linked to a camera. Should be pretty versatile for custom props, for instance, I'm actually using a small mirror plus some other bits and bobs to make a cell phone in a scene I'm working on.

"Why did this have to happen the same day I got my new phone??? I could be recording this in 3D 4k 90 fps, if I knew how to use this thing! Instead, I've only got a video of my own face!"

Also, will mirrors in YL2 have 3d reflections in VR? The lack of depth perception kind of makes it look more like a front facing camera on a phone or tablet (which is what gave me the idea to use one as a phone). I don't know the technical limitations, but having multiple mirrors doesn't seem to slow things down much, so it seems like 3d reflections shouldn't use up too much GPU, at least?

Final suggestion, it should be easy to have an option to turn off blinking for the POV character, while in POV. You should never be able to see yourself blink in the mirror, after all.


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    thats cool bro  , i like the cell phone- aka mirror reflection idea!
    +1  10/10

    whats next tv mirror   lol

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    Instead turning off blinking completely, I think blacking out/dimming the screen during blinking would work better. :p
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