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Yiffalicious - FOXBOI BOOTY PMV

It's been a while!

Sorry for the silence on my end for so long, since my first video I've started a new full time job and had a ton of trips this summer so I didn't exactly have all the free time that I used to.

I'll spare you the boring stuff, thank you for your patience if you were waiting up for me! Have a good Labor Day!

I used custom skins in this video! I'd like to give credit to:
jei3 - Zebra skin for Horse (
thirteeenth - Buckskin skin for Horse (
The two (very simple) custom Fox skins used in this video were made by me in Substance Painter; my first skins ever! I will post them on here for others to use later!

Note: This video contains only male characters. I'm an equal opportunity ass aficionado and you get a high five if you are too!

What do you get when you put two big booty fox sluts on an island with two extra-hung guys? 


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