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MP4Videos To VR

Listen Yiffalicious crew and Devs- i have a program now !hmmmp

i can make mp4 video to VR supported now HTC & Sony  i think!
Only one issue to test it! is that i dont own VR device! But iam asking who has one !
let Me know  ! ty!


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    Furthering  my work to test of ,Mp4 videos in 3D  To  3D Glasses Use.
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    Ok Ycrew, guess i didit!mp4 vids to  In (3D to 3D ) with 3D glasses! it works!
    there 2 types i can do, listen!

    1. 3d RB -  3d Red-Blue    1920x1080    H264/AAC     W/Glasses needed

    2. 3d LR -  3d Left-Right    1920x1080  H264/AAC     Pc graphic settings Hardware

    Since you need some 3D MP4 files, here you can select Red-Blue 3D MP4 if you happen to have Anaglyph red-cyan 3D glasses, no special device or software media player need; and choose Left-Right 3D MP4 if your 3D display uses Eclipse method or other 3D technologies.

    Also two add - change your graphics display into  3D , Nvidia cards or other Settings!
    Stereoscope 3D setting in your Pc display settings (polly/ 32bit settings.
    can adjust the Depth  - how thickness or narrow closeness the Depth is..

     Best choice is the 2nd one- pc grahics in HD and 3d settings
    Note: issue for gaming- [ Yiffalicious game is not supported for this setting!!!!!!!]

    Glasses are a bit fuzzy and blurry-makes the Furries not look so Good!  <-- that rhyme
    ok i can make 3D videos   test is done!  ;)

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    Genius, although I don't have VR :(
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