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Created a sexy 3D anthro stag

my name is tyranno (formally known as h8sart). I've recently did a new model of an anthro stag. A lot of people suggested to post it here. Maybe I could contribute him to this awesome project.

The model can be checked out on FA and SketchFab:


  • OMG! Yes! Devs, come on! it's an already made character, just add the riggings and it's ready to go!

  • Please note that adding a model to Yiffalicious is not as easy as "add the riggings". If it was that easy, Yiffalicious would have hundreds of models already.
    Also, the devs are busy with YL2, so I don't think they will add any new character to YL1, and I think that their time is more well spent working on YL2.

  • Understandable really. This app is pretty well done. Although the character roster, while well done as well... Is just "meh" to me. I have one or two favorite models... but the rest... are... lets just say, too unrealistic, or fetish-like, even for a fantasy environment. But with YL1 being as it is, I have high hopes for more customization and a more feature rich experience! 

    Thank you devs, for all the hard work. Its extremely impressive in most all aspects.
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