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Patreon's new rules

Patreon has changed it's rules some days ago. Odes commented on this on the ferals thread. I just want to say what I think about the new rules.

I think they did make the new rules ambiguous and badly worded on purpose, so they can interpret them in whatever way they want, and can be condensed to "we want to be able to close any creator's page if we don't like it or if it's not convenient to our interests".
One example is "Animo Pron". His only products are high quality 3D bestiality videos, so is in clear violation of the new rules... but he's still here. And I guess that having 5K patrons and raking in at least $30K every month is a big reason this will stay that way.
That's why I don't fear for Patreon to close Yiffalicious, because it would make a $12K/month sized hole in their wallet.
I understand that Patreon is a business, and it's getting bigger every day, so hosting creators that make stuff that is frown upon by the common folk is a PR nightmare, but getting rid of the nuisances is wrong. If they're smart, what they'll do is create a separate new "patreon" site with a new name, different appearance, and dedicated only to porn. Because if they don't, someone else will do it; Patreon will be creating this new market by expelling porn creators.


  • DogsonDogson Administrator

    Really hard to say about these new rules. We'll just have to wait and see how it plays out.
    One thing is sure tough: as long as this Animo guy still is on there, we can assume that it's mostly empty rhetoric. Otherwise if he gets locked down, he's pretty much the canary in the coal mine so to speak.

    A alternative to Patreon that caters to adult content creators would be nice, but we haven't seen an viable alternative just yet, but if Patreon will get serious and start purging, that may well be the triggering point for some savvy individual to jump in and create an alternative to fill the void.

  • There's a web that has an open letter to Patreon to get its rules clear and to not expell porn creators. It's a good read. You can sign the letter, too.
  • hello horsie, yes but ijust wanted to post this link and encouraging peoples for more signatures, those new rules are truly discriminative against community like ours, i understand they don't want allow things like child porn etc... but i don't see in what the other fetish are a problem <span>:open_mouth:</span> i mean its 3d art it doesn't hurt anybody... but i think this is just a begining, to censure more the next time... i think we need to let them know what we think about this :)
    thank you guys for reading my post and have a good day/night
    (ps: sorry for bad english)
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