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WIP updates

odesodes Administrator
This is a reposted submission from Patreon. Due to Patreon's terms of service, which disallows adult content to be publicly viewable, we had to make some posts patrons-only. Now we're reposting these submissions here on the forum, for everyone to view.

Originally posted Jul 5 at 8:14pm.
(I noticed there were a couple of posts we had missed to post, so doing it now...)

Hey everyone!

Just a small update.

This past month, the majority of time has gone into finishing off Yiffalicious 0.7.2. I must admit that perhaps there wasn't as much heart in this release as in previous ones, and if that showed, I apologize. All we want to do right now is work on YL2, so I think our work on 0.7.2 might have been slightly hampered by this. There are a couple of issues with this release, so we will be posting a patch later on, fixing these and also adding fur to Finn (for those we want it).

Anyway! We've still managed to do some other things during this time that we feel like sharing.


In YL2, we really want to improve how cum works. This will be done in several steps, and below is one of these steps we're taking to improve it:

What you see above is a cum on surface effect. What's special about this particular solution isn't necessarily the way it looks here (that would be really easy to accomplish - if it was static), but rather *how* it is achieved. The implication of our method here is that we'd be able to dynamically splat cum on characters at runtime with this level of quality. No pre-sculpted or pre-defined cum locations etc.

Speech bubbles

As you might know by now, I have a tendency to become inspired by things I see in games (or other media), and wanna try to recreate these. An example of this is the creation space that we talked about in this post.

Last month, I got into this extremely cute and charming indie game "Night in the Woods", featuring anthropomorphic animals. If you haven't checked it out, you definitely should! You can grab it on Steam here.

Anyway. In this game, they have this really cool wooble effect on the speech bubbles (as well as on the actual text), and I thought that was really interesting. So I spent a day figuring out how to do this, and arrived at this solution you can see here:

I'm quite happy how it turned out. The effect works on any font/image, and I'm thinking we might use something like this for YL2, since dialogues will be a thing.

Ok, that's all!

- odes

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