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Tools to make new skin

hi there guys, with the release of the newest and final addition to YL, you guys also release the skin manager. Im having some difficulties with it though. im wanting to make a new skin for it, but i dont know what tool, software, or application to use. I dont have the money to use photoshop, so thats out of the question. So, do you guys know of a tool that i can use?


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    Blender is a free 3D modeling software that could help in making skins, but the learning curve is steep. Also, its texture painting features aren't as robust as something like Photoshop. Some free art programs that are a step up from MSPaint are or GIMP. Editing the textures can be done in pretty much anything, the hardest part is figuring out what's going on with the flattened out texture compared to the actual model it'll be going on. Simply changing color or editing small parts shouldn't be too hard, even if you can't see the texture applied to the model in real time like Photoshop & Blender can do.
  • im trying to use substance painter, and im just trying to figure out how to open the damn model
  • odesodes Administrator
    Substance painter definitely is the most user friendly 3D painting tool I'm aware of.

    To start painting, simply create a new project (File > New) and in the window that pops up, click "select" in Mesh and browse to the mode (.fbx) you wanna paint on. After that it's just like photoshop with layers but in 3D.
  • thank you, figured it out save for one thing. Im pretty sure im not gonna be able to use the skins as they are now, that being as an .SPP file. so, how do i convert it to be used with skin manager?
  • odesodes Administrator
    Go to File > Export textures.
  • ok, i do that and it makes like 20 different png images, none of which look remotely like the skin. mostly they're just blank but a different color
  • odesodes Administrator
    The texture you should be authoring and export is the "albedo" or "base color" one. I'm not sure what terminology they're using but it's probably one of those.
  • ok, i think i got it. So, how do i implement it to skin manager, from what i've seen, all i do is put in a zip archive with the right path set, but i have a feeling it a little more complicated than that.
  • odesodes Administrator
    For starters, to see your skin you can just rename it to _MainTex.png and move it to one of the folders here:




    If you want to make it compatible with the jei3's skin manager, you can follow the instructions here:'s_SkinManager_Skin_Format
  • ah ok, Thanks for the help <span>:smile:</span>
  • ok, i have one more question Odes.when painting with a stencil or just in general, how do i make it so that it's asymmetrical, or on just one side when using substance painter
  • odesodes Administrator
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    The UV layout does not allow asymmetry unfortunately. This was an intentional choice to increase texel density.
  • dang, i was trying to make a skin for fraenir that had some scars on it

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