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Split Game?

Hello everyone, im new in this forum. I like so much the game so i can enjoy editing sex positions and imitating some real positions. Today, i was checking the roadmap and found that the game will split into a separate downloadable modules.  the question is: what does it means?  DLC? Please can someone explain this "split game into separate downloadable modules".

greetings and keep going improving this great game. [thump up]


  • odesodes Administrator
    edited 6:05PM
    Size is becoming an issue for some, so we were thinking of having the game be split up in modules. Right now, you're basically downloading the whole game every time. That's a bit excessive if the levels are the same! So basically have 1 module for each asset. But this requires quite some work so I'm not sure when or even if this will happen. I'm gonna move it to bottom.
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    Mmm, i understand. Since the game is published in a .exe file, i hadn´t had a issue due the size of the whole game. I can download Gb and Gb of whatelse i can. (well my internet speed just can allow me those downloads).  I can understand the problem of downloading a game about of 5gb. (it took me around 2 or 3 hours). Having the whole game, but in a winrar file like the first public release, in this case, having two ore more winrar files containing all the game, can be a good idea, But it could be tedious and may took more time if we know the enthusiasm of the people for experience now the updates.

    Think carefully and keep going guy. Good luck... 

  • odesodes Administrator
    edited 6:05PM
    Well, if we'd do this, it would be like you download the "core" of the game, and then any additional assets are downloaded automatically. Like a luncher for MMORPGs.
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    yeah, is like DLC. But published for free (well patron first, and then, public). You dont have to download all the game again, to have all the new updates. It sounds good. The thing is to specify which release would be the "core". (v0.4.x or v0.5.x etc)

    Dont worry about the preasure, think carefully. And maybe, this change can be aplied at end of year. 

    keep going team [thump up]
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