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Who else has a VR device and is waiting on VR integration?

I read from the Patreon page and roadmap that Odes will implement VR integration at some point.

I have an Oculus DK2 and have already tried VR on various POV interactive sex scenes from various creators. I have to say these were the most mind-blowingly amazing experiences I have ever had in digital entertainment, erotic or otherwise.

I was curious to see how many others already have a VR device and cannot wait for Yiffalicous to add in the VR functionality.


  • odesodes Administrator
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    I don't have a VR device myself, but Unity3D is starting to support VR natively. So VR in Yiffalicious may happen sooner than you think. VR in Unity is still a bit buggy from what I've heard, but it's getting better with each new release.

    The next time we upgrade Unity, we may incorporate VR in Yiffalicious. This may happen for the 0.4 or 0.5 cycle.

    No promises though.
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    Awesome, thank you. I'll be sure to post feedback for implementation problems and bugs.
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    Great to see the Unity upgrade went through and VR is able to be integrated. Once the patch hits I'll be sure to post to all the VR Porn communities, hopefully increasing the number of testers.
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    I have a friend that owns a DK2. I'll try to borrow it as soon as the VR-enabled version of Yiffalicious gets released.
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    Iv got a htc vive so i hope you guys are looking into this :D
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    My Oculus won't arrive till July as that is the batch I got it in. There is however a way to cheat to get some basic VR, if you have google cardboard you can use an app called TrinusVR to broadcast the game to your phone for a VR headset. It basically sends the signals as the mouse so you have to hold right click to look around but for a cheap way to do VR it isn't that bad. If the game had an option to enable mouse look (push a button and it acts as if your holding the right mouse button) the integration would be nicer but as it is, it works for the most part. Also the app will allow you to do some fake 3D which works decently as well as letting you roll the view without it rolling in the game (basically it rotates the video feed). There is a lite version of the program you can get off the Google Play store which gives you 10 minutes a session after that it boots you but you can just hit the on button again and your back in. Hope this helps you all who are eager for VR support.
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    I have the HTC Vive but I am having trouble to figure out how to use it on vr porn 360 . It is cool to watch porn with this kind of devices but I can't do it for the moment since I do not know how, can someone please help me?  
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    Happymember said: I have the HTC Vive but I am having trouble to figure out how to use it on vr porn 360 .
    Yiffalicious isn't a video, it's an application (like a video game). Right now, the game doesn't have official support for the HTC Vive, but it's planned later to be.

    To get the game running on the Vive, people have used a third-party software to enable its use.
    If you think you have the technical know-how, head on over to this thread and read through the posts:

    If you're not sure how to do something in that thread, I'd suggest waiting for an official Vive release build of Yiffalicious, to save yourself some headache. Even if you do get the game to run in VR on the Vive, you still need to go through the process of using the software without being able to see your keyboard/mouse, as well as not being able to see the on-screen interface buttons in VR. It's not intuitive at all (in VR) right now, but be patient! The developers are working hard to provide one of the best (if not THE best) VR porn games available (though the game isn't VR ONLY).
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    @Happymember  I'm sorry if I'm wrong, but this looks like shameless spam.
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    Alright @usicco thank you!
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    The latest build is looking great in VR. Note to those using DK2 and have Steam. If SteamVR comes up you have to kill that process or else your DK2 won't work with Unity for VR. And F8 doesn't work to recenter for some reason.
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    Thanks for the heads up! Btw is there a way to toggle the dk2 on and off? When I'm working on a scene, I can't grab object properly ( a toggle would be great). Atm I'm just unplugging my cord and restarting, has to be a better way. Also, still using free public beta ( this might be fixed in the current version).

    - Bruce
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    xxhorsexx said: Btw is there a way to toggle the dk2 on and off?
    That's a good way to solve the interaction in vr, actually. VorpX actually has this feature where you switch between a wrapped screen that covers your vision, and a virtual screen mode that unwraps the screen from your face and places it in front of you to look at.
  • jei3jei3 Moderator
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    not sure if this is the best place to ask, but figured it'd get VR owners attention, who all has a headset, and what kind of frame rates are you seeing?

    i've been playing around with using my google cardboard headset, but the framerate is horrible.
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    What type of GPU do you have, VR is extremely graphic intensive.
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    If my plans pan out, I too will be joining the VR people some time in January :) Really hope it!!!
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