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Skins by som2040 - Poison vs Chun-Li



  • edited May 2018
    Well, it's been just over 6 months since I started making skins for Yiffalicious. Certainly not finding as much time to do things these days, but still got a few skins I'm working on in some spare time.

    Here are the most popular skins (in order of downloads) from the last 6 months:
    1 Business Suit Charlotte
    2 Yoga Illinir Collection
    3 Party Night Elaine (incl variations)
    4 School Swimsuit Cat
    5 Fun in the Sun Collection
    and a very close #6, Lingerie Charlotte

    Interestingly, I think my favourite is probably Business Suit Horse. It just seems to work and fit many situations really well. Party Night Elaine definitely rates up there as well and is a sexy look for most occasions.

    As for today, enjoy Lingerie Futa Illinir (With a non-futa version to come in future).
    Lingerie Futa Illinir

    Lingerie Futa Illinir
  • So I thought of a skin that would be cool, using the Mey Mey skin on the normal (non-futa) version of Illinir but tattoo free. I’ve started to attempt this but my only issue are the teeth, they are always black in-game, I almost gave up on the skin. When I upload my version of this, could someone help fix the teeth thx.
  • @DezzNutzz
    The regular Illinir has weird stuff going on with her teeth not being modelled properly or something. Generally I always just grab the grey area in the bottom left of the regular skin and copy + paste it into the new skin, as that area correlates to her grey teeth.
  • Longshot, but think we could get a schoolgirl for normal Charlotte?
  • Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas!
    Continuing on from this time last year, I'm releasing the Som2040 Christmas Collection 2018! These are a bit more oddball, but still fun to create! Didn't quite finish a 4th which would've tied this set together a bit more in a different way, but suppose that's for next year! Overall, enjoy the skins and enjoy your holidays!

    Som2040's Christmas Collection 2018

  • Digging the cute lil fox skin. He looks adorable
  • edited April 2019
    Long time no update. I've basically stopped creating new content at the moment, but I have a few skins and themes I'd like to finish up. Here's one such, which I've had one done for a while but the other only finished recently. Hope you enjoy!

    Poison vs Chun-Li
    The ultimate battle in Yiff Fighter, Chun-Li fights Poison! Who will win this street battle!?

    Chun-Li Elaine
    Poison Futa Charlotte
    Poison Futa Charlotte Hair
  • "K.O.! Perfect!"
  • Ohh i hope we can have some more clothing! Specially for Fraenir with some business suit or any office outfit
  • I agree with @Stait ! Would love to see some office atire for Fraenir
  • @som2040 i need that Fraenir superhero suit skin do you have link?
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