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any good story(?) based creations?

yeah so for a while now I've mostly been looking through lots of uploads on in the yiffalicious scene select and noticed that there are quite a small amount of actual story driven ones with Dialogue(?) in the screenshots area, the main ones I've seen were the ones with bob pretty much raping lots of the cast into submission(while not my favorite) they're pretty much the only ones I truly see in this genre but i'm hoping to find a few more to look at. can anyone name recommend some


  • Well, in recent months i have not been following much Yiffalicious, so there may be many interactions of the type that you mention that i don't know, but i can point out some authors that i remember that they have done those kinds of interactions and you could search for them (you know, type author:"name_of_author in the search zone of select pose), although not all interactions are totally dialogue (some of their interactions none at all)

    worselthev, rand0m84, kriticalhit, blacksky528, tautefox, cryptdick, huntressgammerz, Foxfire, noobie, NoOneCH ... ... hey, ¡that is me!

    PD: In my case (self-publicity here) almost all my interactions have "dialogues" but most are stories divided in groups of interactions (in fact maybe i can say that all are a "unique story" because i have ended with the problem of generating ideas of "personalities" and relationships between the characters and i find it difficult to make interactions outside of that scheme... :( )
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    ok thanks, I might have seen some of your stuff

    and honestly I find it weird that no one has any sort of common headcanon for any of the cast, one of the only people to make any sort of character personalities is som2040 with their skins
  • I might have seen some of your stuff
    Oh ... it was you!                       ( sorry, bad joke :expressionless: )

     Maybe there are many people with even quite elaborate stories for the characters (yeah, i know :no_mouth: ... but who knows...) and simply do not find reasons to comment.
     I think it was mentioned as an idea to put in the character editor of YL2 the option of being able to write information about the created model, i suppose that if it were done we would see more stories...
  • i think i know what you're talking about, i think they said there would be text boxes for that
  • I think it's pretty hard to convey a story in Yiff1. There's only so much you can do with basically a single action and then a bunch of short descriptions of the snapshots.
    Most of the ones I've created have an idea and scenario behind them, but conveying that with the above just isn't really doable.

    A few things I think that would've been great to have in Yiff 1:
    A short paragraph describing the scene itself. This gives the author the ability to give context to the situation.
    For example, my scene 'GC - Bob's Big Night' actually has a story behind it (other than Bob fucking Maya in a strip joint). In fact, Bob is a patron who got a bit too roudy and went a bit too far, and in fucking Maya gets a huge debt to the club (and hence becomes the bouncer for the club (Which can be seen in GC - Double Dragon Glory)

    The other thing would be a playlist. At the moment, every scene is kinda standalone. To switch scenes you have to make a few clicks and all that (and is even more cumbersome in VR mode where you may want to go into a particular POV).
    It would be super nice if there was a way to select a bunch of scenes to run in order. This way it would be easier for publishers to also convey a scene. You could even have a bunch of 'stills' that kinda setup the situation and then a bunch of action scenes.

    I think it's definitely doable though. Authors can use the forums as a 'work around' to give context and a playlist of things to watch. Then you can go and download those scenes and watch them in order.
    Perhaps a Playlist Manager would be a good idea, keep your yiff creations stored outside the actual loadable directory, and then have a manager that copies things in.

    But yeah, I do think adding character and context to the scenes really goes a long way to bringing the scenes to life even if they are just basically a single action.
  • @som2040
    to be fair with the skins you make you put a set context with each skin that sometimes even without a story the original context is there
  • I have no idea how many people even read the snapshots, and the 11 character limit is way too short to actually get anything meaningful in. It ends up looking like lolcat speak if you want more than 2 words per line. I just ended up putting something funny, the only couple times I've bothered. The closest thing to a story I've made is "Colonic Massage," which is about an Ilinir who found a coupon for a free colonic massage, and ended up getting groped and elbow-deep anal fisted by perverts instead. Pretty standard porn plot. But the dialog basically goes:
    "Is this really a colonic massage?"
    "Well, I'm massaging your colon, right?"
    "Can't argue with that logic."
    "And it should be way easier to take a shit after this!"

    And I added some dirty talk in "Chastity and Bondage," which was mostly a test of whether I could get a female character to look like a femboy/futa wearing a chastity cage. I also wanted to make a really long, hard fucking anim, and after a couple hours of staring at "snapshot 6" etc., not to mention the list being completely out of order, I just replaced it with the most over-the-top porn dialog I could think of, after everything was done.

    If you do a search for: [author:"arrkhal"] without the brackets, then you should be able to find them, if you want. 

    I actually have one not uploaded, that I kinda abandoned for now, about a cat, a fox, a sports team, the coach, a huge fucking machine, and some kind of bet (and someone bursting into the locker room at the exact right/wrong moment, who can't seem to use their phone properly). But I ended up giving up on that one after having too many problems with hands, props, etc., moving around between snapshots. I dunno, maybe I'll just fix everything, then upload it without snapshots. That's the one way to make sure everything stays in place.

    Anyway, most of the actual story-ish ideas I've had are really impossible to do in YL1. Too many scenes, too many extra anims other than humping, etc. Going to have to wait for YL2. Full animation and text boxes and everything, eventually.
  • fair enough
  • We've been working on an Animated Web Comic using Yiffalicious and Movavi to make it as fluid as possible despite the lack of movements (other than intercourse).

    We are creating a short story that may keep going if people likes it. Part 2 is in development we hope some people will actually like our work. 

    You might be interested to follow it.
    Register on our website using the code from the following page 
    Then, find the animated comic of Kashmere here:
    Make sure you let us know what you think about it and make sure to rate it in the Poll under the video.

    You can find the texture for Kashmere and more Tiger Kitties in the following Custom Skin forum;
  • @SainaHeart
    I love it already!
  • If anyone's interested, Episode 2 is now available
    Note that you have to wait it out, it seems html-5 video has to load the entire thing before it starts.
    Comments on the site, votes or any suggestions is always welcomed.
  • I saw it, still invested
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