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[Khana] Khana 2.0+

edited January 2018 in Custom skins
Once again, a small update to standard Khana to spice her up a bit.

List of changes:  more eye shadow and bigger brows, black lips/lipstick, 2 gold piercings on each ear, some pubic hair, darker genital area and a seam fix on one of her rings on the inner thigh (go check out base khana in game rn and you will see what i mean). Hope you enjoy it.

To install, simply drop the _MainTex file in the right folder, replaces standard Khana.

Path: appdata/roaming/yiffalicious/custom/textures/characte_khana/Body/0/KhanaBody!kSwhXLTI!c_3UeRhnR7z6RcqCrl1lPwJBG19we8oStskNwyqXfII


  • Really liking this skin so far. It's like the little extra sprinkles on top a cupcake. She and the others look much better with a little make-up and accessories.
  • thanks dude, i feel the same way!
  • edited January 2018
    New version i made with even more fixes and some extra changes, let me know if you guys would like to have this one aswell. (Contains a good amount of body piercings).
  • edited January 2018
    Please do share :blush:
  • Khana 2.1 (body piercings)

    So, this is another version of the previous skin, with more fixes and so overall additions and changes. The goal was to give Khana a more punk/dom feel. 


    • Crooked line on the tattoo arm currently on base Khana.
    • Odd patches of different colors around the butt area.
    • Weirdly colored eyeliner is now properly all black.
    • As many assorted off-color patches as i could find.

    • Even thicker/longer eyebrows 
    • More eyeliner and eyeshadow, mostly just better shaping.
    • Tongue piercing.
    • Simple choker on the neck.
    • Simple wristband on the left arm.
    • 2 piercings on the back dimples by the tail.
    • Belly-button piercing w/ some attempt at shading it to blend better.
    • Small tail ring.
    • Black nipples, both pierced.
    • Jet black hair to fit the overall theme.

    Hope you enjoy it, download file contains the install paths for the body and the hair.
    Have fun!!kO4HjSYD!f48zfv-plV_lHRyu9SIwpGw_Gvsl0s_992ec80YvwG8
  • It is definitely a significant improvement for the initial skin. Keep up the great work and thank you! 
  • Hii zagalakk (^^_) Can you make a Body Version from Khana, without Piercings and tattoo?
    So a pure version...(sry for bad english/translator xD)

  • i was considering making an all clean version indeed, using the original skin. Some of the tattos might prove difficult, but i will give it a shot!
  • I seem to be experiencing some pixelation around the areolas. Is this normal?
  • can someone reupload the 2.1 version of this dope skin, pls ʕ♥o♥ʔ ? Link is dead
  • edited July 2021
    Reupload for you Divinedrop (i'm not the author)
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