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Yiffalicious Modding

Besides the feature that has been deployed (Skins Supports), can we add more things through modders?
I've already added a plugin that renames the characters, as it translates the entire game into any language.


  • edited December 2017
    it's quite unlikely due to how everything is already rigged and made plus I don't think anyone other than the creators know how to mess with the actual inner workings of the game, however if modding does come to be it would be interesting to see the importation of external models as characters/actors to use in the app. 

    at best someone could try to use/add the Lugia model from the Lugia app as that one is practically already rigged or in vice versa try to import the current yiffalicious characters into the Lugia app as their rigs may work the same
  • edited December 2017
    i'd love to see a plugin to resize characters and speaking of the lugia app id love to see that continue even though yiffalicious is pretty much a better version 
  • Fat chance, but some hair mods would be nice, if possible.
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