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Will purchase a Vive. A couple of questions first...

Hey everyone, I'm really interesting in getting the new HTC Vive Pro that was just announced and would like to use this app with it, however I have some questions. Is it actually possible to use the current latest build of Yiffalicious with a Vive? If so, is it possible that my friends will know every time I start it up since the Vive needs to use SteamVR? If it does broadcast what I'm doing, how could I avoid that?

I already have my heart set on a Vive and would like to find out how to use this with it. Any advice would be appreciated.


  • Well, you can always go "offline" by accessing your friends list then clicking on the arrow right beside your username and selecting offline.
    I tested Yiffalicious with RiftCat and my smartphone with pretty positive results. I think the app it launches is just called "SteamVR" since it's not a recognized steam game. Broadcasting can also be turned off in the Steam Settings, but you'd get a warning anyway if somebody were to join your stream.
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    I've got an HTC Vive  and when you're playing a non-steam game or a third party game in VR, Steam displays it as "SteamVR" so no one  on your friends list will actually see what you are playing. Any other VR game that is linked to steam will be visible in the usual way and displays the name of that particular game. So as long you don't link Yiffalicious to your Steam library, you're good.

    Be aware that most games in VR also mirror everything on your monitor, so others can see what you are seeing. If you're playing an adult game with other people in your house, be sure to turn off your monitor or uncheck that particular option if it's available to ensure some privacy. ;3
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