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Grimm Skins

edited December 2019 in Custom skins
Edit: Link to file
Remart's Grimm Skins:!DUwy3YIZ!HlEGPMtLqQEX6Fc8GFa6BQ
**Please ignore all links in following posts, they're broken**

Edit: List of downloads:

Velvet (Torn):!SRo0CC7Q!cwhFXJ5fAbXbjoXMlpEibSPKYDeH9N7hbglJ1TmVoBk
Ilinir (Futa/Herm):!TZYWkCxL!DlKQyZzKHFxcvhzqwt41YCl_lix83qIQIkvRZHVFpmE
I'm making a few skins based off of the creatures of Grimm, from RWBY.

First off, the Beowulf! 

The package contains custom skin, eyes, and shaft for the Beowulf.!jApQGKjB!Ak92EjUHUE3HM-x9NOgK1Nm48X8VMTzLgt75mtgy_Lc


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