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[Horse] Albino

edited March 2018 in Custom skins
A simple skin for the horse. Its a very common color for an equine, but excluding Grevy's albino zebra, i dont think ive seen anything like this in here, so i just made one myself.


-Plain white coat (if i missed a spot, let me know)
-Dirty blonde mane and tail
-Eyes as blue as i could make them (the horse model has a green eye tint that cant be removed :/ )
-Dark hooves and nails (full white was too bland imo, even tho that makes him no true albino)
-Blonde eyebrows
-Pink ''bits'' here and there
-Very subtle dark eyeshadow
-Pink penis

I HEAVILY recommend using every texture in the right folder/skin slot, as the dark tints on some of the skin slots can make it look very bad because its all light colors and shades. e.g: horse's second skin slot for the Body ( folder 1) adds a tint in game that makes whatever skin you put there appear a lot darker in game than what it actually is.  

With all the pieces together and in the right places, its one of my favorite skins by far, hope you enjoy it! :)

Same old install path: appdata/roaming/yiffalicious/custom/textures/character_horse (the remaining folder trees are included in the zip so you dont get lost/use the bad tinted folders)!xL4gCZjL!dprEi8-VhktXwU_r94dd6dENwih5djCiLaSbNZaF4rk
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