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[Wolf] Wolf Link

I know this has been requested at least twice - so here goes nothing:

-~Wolf Link~-

"Eeh hee! Are you sure you want to be doing that? Snarling and glaring at me? Well, that's too bad... I was planning on helping you...if you were nice."

"Hmph! I guess you're not completely stupid after all! Listen, I like you, so I think I'll get you out of here. But in exchange for my help, you have to do EXACTLY as I say!"

"You look kind of surprised! Eeh hee hee!"
"Boy, you sure are thick!"
"Eee hee hee! See you later!"

(You know, nearly everything Midna says can be turned into innuendo...)

Wolf Link Body:!WNpmQSgC!sQN-GGylEHlWo67tWEHlkQqRAzwMdepW8qbfLVvzZM8


  • Thanks! I requested this a while back and here it is, on my birthday!

    As for the Midna comment... Yes, yes it can.
  • edited April 2018
    Skin inspire me to make my own modifications! Thank you for skin, very good.

  • may i ask what you used to edit  this exactly? i have a few guesses but im kinda curious

  • may i ask what you used to edit this exactly? i have a few guesses but im kinda curious

    I or remart387 ?

  • @Jaylorin
    He means the modification of the Wolf model. I too am curious how you succeeded in importing a modified wolf model.
  • Same! I like the hair/mane, it was annoying trying to draw it all flat. How did you pull it off?
  • yup, how did you edit the actual model?

  • I used blender, zbrush, unity file editor and some custom tools. It is added 'expression' in the program interface. Some files are standard untiy files that contain standard types like 'Mesh' is a standard unity type, but it seems that each game would have custom items that require doing. A mesh file is added and used and I figure out the required additions to resources for getting mesh addition to work in the program interface.

    It is probably not easy to explain. figuring it out is fun, same as for people who like doing puzzles for fun and the theme is a theme that motivates me, heh, but, edits are also not so good and not perfect since I am an amateur. So change results work but with bugs. But I am bad at texturing for some reason, have never been good with it, so it is good to find other people who can do it.

    What tool did you use to create the texture, remart ?

  • @Jaylorin ;
    I did the base colors in blender, then used krita to polish and add the fur texture. I started with solid colors, then blurred and smeared them for a more natural look. The last step was layering a mostly transparent, desaturated version of the default wolf skin for the fur texture.

  • Neat thanks!  :3   Knowing the tools others have tried and sucedded with is useful in growing skill.

    More detail for unity work if it is interesting:

    Mesh types are a standard resource in files,  it contains information like vertex, triangles, normals, tangents, bones, default pose, and blend shapes. Expressions and "inflation" in the program are created through the blend shapes of the mesh types. I did not find a tool to generate the blendshapes from unity mesh objects yet, so I wrote a crude tool to do it from exported mesh objects. I then use 3D program to add more body shapes or expressions, use reverse custom tool to recreate the mesh file with new shapes,  and import them as a new mesh object. Then, it must be found which places in the game use the data from the mesh file,  and this took awhile of analysis and guessing to figure out. Then write a program to add required data entries into the program to make use of the new blend shapes on a mesh.

    So, there is no very simple way to do it, unfortunately.

    Even more detail:

    Export mesh type

    use custom tool to get obj files of blend shapes

    use another custom tool to weld vertecies on UV seams and save information of the welding

    use 3d programs like zbrush (layers) and blender (blendshapes) /3dmax/maya to generate new morphs. Zbrush is good for general form work,  blender/3dmax/maya is good for fixing fine detail single vertex at a time, or fixing errors with morphs. Morphs on around mouth can accidently move the teeth/tongue when doing expressions,  blender can be used for selecting a range of vertexes and returning them to the orignal location of the base. Or, blender is better for simulating a rotation or wrapping movement in a morph shape.

    export objs of altered topography only (I never have set up ability to change topology yet, probably will never). This means, no new vertices, no deleting vertices.

    "Un-Weld" objs using saved welding data to recreate expected cuts at UV seams

    Use custom tool to pack a new mesh object file with new blendshapes from objs and import mesh object into program

    Add required program datasets to make use of new blend shapes (at least ones I have understood, bugs are likely because I don't understand entirely). There are details I don't get working,  like normals do not move correctly with morphs or bone movements, but it seems this was not perfect already either. Unity seems to calculate normals for morphs in a strange way that means they are not actually 'normal' to the surface, but I do not know.

  • Hey! the link is dead, (pun entirely intended) could you resend it maybe?
  • edited May 17
    @Kirby_Bandicoot Thanks for letting me know! This post has a valid link to my LoZ projects, including the Wolf Link skin:
    I'm not very active here, and I haven't logged in to Mega for some time; I suspect that's why the file went missing.
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