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Highlight snapshots

Would it be possible to have the currently selected snapshot remain highlighted in the list while it's being tested or played?
Similarly, could the last snapshot you selected remain highlighted while you're editing? Sometimes when you're editing an interaction with a lot of snapshots it's easy to loose track of where you are in the list. Same thing for when the interaction is playing.

It would make life a little easier when you're making something complex.

On a slightly different note, I don't think it makes sense to have the 'Create new' button active when you're in play mode, as you can't do anything with, or delete, any snapshot you may create if you click on it. It's a minor thing, but it bugs me a little.


  • odesodes Administrator
    edited October 2015
    I'm going to change how snapshots work sooner or later to be more intuitive.

    Right now, there is no "current" snapshot. What values the sliders have, and what values snapshots have, are two different things. The only way to change a snapshot is to right click it (or go into edit) and select "Reset to current", which will reevaluate the sliders and apply them to the selected snapshot.

    So if you are changing values of sliders in an interaction with snapshots, and then press play, those changes will be lost because they were never applied to any snapshot.
  • edited 9:39AM
    I realize that- I wasn't talking about changing the snapshots.

    What I mean is that if, for example, I have an  interaction with 20 snapshots and I select a snapshot, the sliders will change to the values stored there.

    I then edit the sliders and I want to go back to the snapshot in the menu and hit 'Reset to current'. However, if I've been doing a lot of editing in a short space of time, it's easy to forget exactly which snapshot it is that I want to go back to and reset.

    Right now, there's nothing to help with that. When you mouse over a snapshot, it turns white. Once you click on it, it turns back to blue and there's nothing to indicate where you were in the list.

    What I was suggesting in the latter part of the first post, is that it would be a big help if the selection I just made stayed highlighted until I clicked on something else in the menu.

    Hope that makes things a little clearer.

  • odesodes Administrator
    edited 9:39AM
    Thanks, yes. I see what you mean.
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