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[Most characters] Alternate skins!

As a few of you may have seen in my earlier post, I've found the alternate skins for a number of characters!
By "alternate" I mean the skins in the other slots. (winter fox, tabby cat, striped dragon, etc.)

For the impatient, here is the...


The zip file includes the originals and the alternates that I could find.

I noticed that the ones I found were a tad darker than the ones in the default game. I'm releasing these skins so that other skin creators can edit the alternate skins to their hearts content without trying to recreate them from scratch.

How did I find them?
I did some digging with a free unity asset de-compilier. This sort of software can be considered a form of copyright infringement, so I posted earlier to make sure the devs were okay with me snooping around in their hard work. Looking at all that went into this game, I'm so very grateful for their dedication. If you ever look through the unity files you'll see how much they've done.

If there is any problem with them, let me know and I'll see what I can do. But I cannot guarantee anything.


  • Literally made a thread about this a while ago,thank you sooooooo much!
  • A-MA-ZING  :) Thanks
  • Thank you!

  • edited April 2018
    I noticed that the ones I found were a tad darker than the ones in the default game.
    This is because the .png files exported from many tools include gamma values but many texture entries in this program expect a linear color gamma. Re-export the .png files without gamma and the colors will match.

    I think some of the eye texture do expect curved gamma, but I don't know for sure.
  • I'm pretty late on this, but I tried doing some color flipping on the secondary skins and when used them In game, their head textures are gone. All I'm getting Is solid black color.

    Then I noticed that all the secondary character skins are missing their head and sometimes other textures.
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