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So, how is YL2 going? Is there something we can hold on into in the meanwhile?

So, how is YL2 been progressing, guys? Is the project went smoothly, or do we have to wait for years until we get a working WIP release? or at least something that we can hold our hopes in the meanwhile? Maybe a new character for YL1 or something know, some "bug fixing"  that still makes YL1 literally being the same thing?

Sorry, im just skeptical since, again, its just way too good to be true. Holy crap this shit might just be the pinnacle even, im very sure. I mean, this could blow most yiff artist/programmers like Fek out of the water if YL2 became a thing (no offense to Fek).
YL1 is good with its systems already, but lacking with content since there are obvious limitations, and now its going to be improved and hopefully be friendly for your average YL1 animator. And character customization. Amen to that!

Also, to be frankly honest, im not a supporter yet on patreon.

How is YL2 progressing? I aint supporting anything until i get the feel of what im getting my hands on. A bit blatant, sorry...But im just being realistic here, i hope you can understand.
Plus, im not getting any younger, can you guys spill something about a working WIP release date?


  • odesodes Administrator
    News update on patreon later today. A week from now we'll post the update here.

    From what I understand regarding Fek's work, he's creating games rather than apps. YL2 will more closely resemble a 3D authoring application, so our works aren't really that comparable. And I don't think we're blowing anyone out of the water, because we've found ourselves a pond of our own.
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