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I have a question

For some reason when I made my interactions people disliked then even though it was like most everyone else why might this be ? the names of them are, cats and dogs(a cat and a dog fucking) a great time with friends (many fucking peps) one good time (two fucking peps) must be mating season  (many many many f-in peps) they all do happen to have few snapshots might this be one reason for so many down votes ? Are they bad ? What is it please tell me so I can improve my ways.


  • I don't know if this even belongs here.
  • from what i've seen, your animations aren't bad except for the fact that they feel uncompleted. some characters have joints that bend in very unnatural ways while they're mid-thrust, some characters have their hands clipping through others' limbs, and some have their hands just in the air, either in the default position or nowhere near the point that they're trying to grab. for starters, i would focus a lot more on details and seeing what is both natural and sexy, as that is what gets big points here. regarding the hands, if you position them right onto the point where they're grabbing and then set their parent (shortcut is the A key) to whatever node is on that limb, the character's hands will move as the other character's limbs do.
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    thanks I've remade them so that they are better then they were the names are mostly the same but with remade in the title and one good time was renamed to one hell of a good time
  • what do you think it is now ? I made no more odd bends...I fixed the stuff you said to. What could it be now that they are hating about ? am I destined for my score on my works to be in the negative numbers ?
  • These still aren't very good. "a hell of a time ren" has an incredibly unnatural vagina angle, and the hands still aren't placed or angled very well. Looks extremely painful.

    "a great time with f" All 4 male/futa characters have their legs snap during thrusting, and the fox's legs look like he has rickets. Finn's hands are completely off. The wolf is just kind of floating on an invisible platform instead of hanging from the gym thing.

    None of your animations seem to make any use of facial expressions, either. Very few people are going to upvote anything where all the characters are just going :) the entire time.

    None of them have snapshots that transition on their own. Getting your snapshots actually working is pretty basic stuff.

    Have you actually watched real life porn very much? You really need to get a better idea of how the human (and anthro) body actually moves and bends.
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    well at lest you told me what I did wrong. I fixed one of them (but will not give the name ((maybe people don't like it being posted here as well maybe)) but I must say I am a noob animator as a fact(((one you can clearly see))) so yea but I will continue to improve in time)
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    It just takes lots of practice, and looking to real life for ideas and reference material. Keep at it and you'll get there eventually. The old saying is that everyone has 10,000 really crappy drawings/stories/etc. in them, and you have to make those first before you can start on the good ones.

    edit: I also managed to find the updated one, already a pretty big improvement. Just keep practicing, I recommend with simpler scenes so you can continue to work on improving the basics.
  • well I can make still images really well but animation is kind of odd
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    I named one I'm bad at naming things so far it's got a score of 5
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