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Character / Character Type Suggestions

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With the ample success of the belly inflation options, do you think we'll see a cow based character with a variable udder?


  • odesodes Administrator
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    Ample ;)

    Cows are something we have discussed, but I'm not sure they'll have udders. More like normal breasts.. But it's up to dogson also. I'll discuss it with him.

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    Did you consider adding a futa character? Or is it going to be only male/female?
  • odesodes Administrator
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    We have most definitely thought of adding futa, but it's not a priority right now.
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    There will be male gorilla future?
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    I think it's safe to say that almost any character is possible. I think we should stop asking "Will X be in the game?" and just await the news. Constantly asking all the variables is annoying and discouraging. There are 3 characters in the "To do" list on the roadmap (here: - 1 official, 2 commisioned.

    It's pointless to ask about the official character because we won't be told.. and I personally don't want to be told. I like to be surprised and the one surprise so far (the male rhino) was a very pleasant one.

    The question of the commisioned characters is left. It's, however, impossible to speak about those because we have no idea when and under which rules they'll be available.

    Cheers! ^-^
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    Wow, killjoy much. Don't like the thread or possible spoilers, don't click "Character / Character Type Suggestions".
    That should be obvious.

    How about that there's a chance that someone might come up with a great idea that the developers hadn't thought of and may lead to some great results?
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    My point is that this thread actually is almost pointless so far. No suggestions for races are necessary because all options were very likely thought through. I mean: They came up with a freaking rhino. How many rhinos have you seen in the furry fandom? That definitely means they've gone through all of the mammals at the very least. The only possibility for some "great results" concerning races would be if there were suggestions of "new" races - something like the sergals (not sure if these are applicable, though.. I think sergals are copyrighted or something like that).

    If anything, this thread should suggest actual character features - like the udders you've mentioned... even though I don't personally like those.

    I would (and probably will) suggest my own such features but I'm currently tired and only responding because I've clearly offended you because I dared to express a different opinion than yours.
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    You have yourself a wonderful life.
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    Alright. An interesting and maybe useful idea came to my mind... so you can't complain that I haven't contributed anything.

    For races I suggest hybrids. That offers a huge scale of possibilites with some large or small consequences. For instance one could simply remove scales from a reptile (both the real ones and the fantasy ones - like dragons - are possible) and that changes the whole aesthetic (see Seath the Scaleless).

    Or perhaps one could simply just add horns to a hornless creature which won't change that much but will still give an interesting twist.

    Maybe just change the colour pattern. Fek's character is a good example of this.

    Another possibility would be just replacing parts of certain races with others. For example Discord is an extreme case of this kind of hybridisation. I don't suggest creating this character, though. He's probably copyrighted, he would be very difficult to be "exported" into a 3D model and if that did happen then it would look quite jarring. I suggest simply considering using the mechanic. Something like adding gryphon-like claw-hands.

    However, I still don't think this nor any other mentioned idea of a race will be used for an official character because it was suggested by someone else. I'm quite sure they already knew exactly which characters they want to make way before we mentioned it.
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    I'm just hoping we see a form of dragon lizard, like Kuvrahks. :3
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