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Will there be normal maps used for models in YL2?

Just curious. YL1 does not use them, so will YL2 use normal maps? I think this would help in creating better and more realistic looking shadows on the models. I don't like how in YL1 the shadows are painted on the skin textures. It does not fit the lighting and it looks kinda ugly. :/


  • Or at least I think YL1 doesn't use them. :P Doesn't look like it does.
  • odesodes Administrator
    Yes, YL2 will use normal maps. You can see this Patreon update to get an idea of what quality it is we're trying to achieve:

    Yiffalicious 1 does use normal maps too. In YL2 we are however using a more sophisticated technique for authoring and rendering normal maps. Hopefully that will make them look better than in Yiffalicious 1.
  • Normal maps in the program now are already good. I think what happens is that the ambient occlusion on some character is very strong, which adds a dark shadow especially at an angle. Like, the fox below,  first is with normal AO map strength,  second is with reduced AO map strength.

    It looks good straight on,  though strong AO combined with the other lighting techniques I think creates a shadow that looks too strong when the character is then viewed at angles

    The occulsion setting in the graphics does not seem to affect the AO on characters, it is always on I think. For the characters with fur,  the fur shader being on can reduce the shadow.


    Less AO

  • Sounds good. :D

    Ah, another thing: Will you release the character editor pre-launch of YL2? Just so we could play around with it and create charatcers, which we then can put into the game when it launches. Kinda like Maxis did with Create-A-Sim in SIms 4. That would be awesome.

  • odesodes Administrator
    edited May 2018
    Yes, the character creator will be released before the rest of the app. We're hoping for a release of the character creator during the summer.
  • edited May 2018
    Great! Can't wait! :D
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