Things that we could call skins, by NoOne

Hi everybody.
I will post here my attempts of skins. Although It will not be very often anyway.

Here a pair of skins for Elaine:
She is trying on a couple of "casual dresses". With the first one she has already decided try later a public fashion show...

The second one does not completely convince her ...
... so she ends asking the guys what they think of a possible variation.

I have included in the file three images with only the clothes so you can use them on other skins of Elaine.

Tell me if there is any problem.

PS: The clothes of the "guys" will be in the next thing that i upload.


  • @NoOneCH

    Cool , i wouldn't mind getting the clothes of the wolf on the right over there :) 
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    elaine doesn't usually get clothes skins that often, but what you've made is fantastic! great work! it's a shame that the engine makes her nipples shiny no matter what, but that doesn't deter from the quality at all in my opinion.

    also, do you have some trick to get the wolf's dick to disappear or is it just photoshop magic?
  • Matr1x2er0, i have send a message to your Inbox.

    freenuts_xd, in this case the magic is an invisible character to which Wolf  is attached with the Distance slider in 0 ( and the Control slider totally in the side of the invisible character, but i'm not sure if the latter make a big difference).
     It's still a little tricky because the visible character is dragged  by the invisible and also the spine of the visible can try to maintain the position when moved (even if you parent all the active nodes of the attached character to the main... not sure if this happen with all the characters).
    Also, depending of the angle and position, the surface of the base of the dick can still be seen (knot slider can help)
  • ah, i see. never actually thought of that before, nice work!
  • I gotta say both of them are pretty good... The second one oh boy, Do I wanna re-watch BeetleJuice!

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    I too would not mind having the clothing on the wolves >.> for....reasons
  •  Inspired for some of the skins in the forum, although i think that i can "blame" specially the "Fun in the sun collection" of som2040, i have been doing for some time (too much time  :s ) a group of summery wear skins for some of the characters ... so, linking with the dates:

    Since i can ending raising an eyebrow when in the wear skins the guys are drilling the clothes, i was trying some options and the clothes in the zips with the skin manager format i have ended trying lowering the crotch zone in the wear of two of the guys.
    Anyway i have left the "normal" versions as extras.

    - Just in case the image above fails, in the pack you will find:
    Cat Blue Leopard swimsuit.
    Elaine Colorful bikini
    Fox Green Wetsuit (and "Jammer")
    Fraenir Tanga and Transparent T-shirt
    Ilinir Dark Purple Bikini
    Ilinir White Swim set (?)
    Ilinir Fishnet (default and futanari)
    Ilinir Fishnet, short Sarong (default and futanari)
    Khana Dark Bikini
    Maya Black "Bathing suit"
    Wolf Colorful Bermuda Shorts
    Wolf Boxers and Black T-shirt.

    Here the link:

    Tell me if there are any problem.
  • looks great, nice job on this pack!
  • that looks pretty good
  • cant you make the fox only wear the top of the suit and be bottomless?
  • freenuts_xd, Matr1x2er0,  thank you.

    ifuckass, possibly Fox would like more your option; it can be hard enough to get into a wetsuit without to do additional "contortions" to enter something like his tail... cough-cough 
     I let here a new pack, with only Fox, that includes the "top" option and again the other two but all in the skinmanager format. Also there are included the clothes only as extras.
  • How did you do to make the male characters not showing their dick?
  • blain, they "vanish" because the characters are attached  to other invisible character at 0 Distance.

    I comment the question with freenuts_xd a little more some comments above (here), although i didn't mention (sorry freenuts_xd :s ) that some characters may have a too visible space "behind" the dick.
    With Fox and Wolf  i think that they have no problem, but for example with Charlotte-Futa and Finn  i think that is quite evident, and Fraenir...  :anguished:
  • I saw a while ago (well, less that a month) a request from kroch in the "[Request and ideas]" post  for a skin of Avi  for Ilinir, so i leave here my attempt of it:

    NOTE: The hair is placed in the second slot of the skinmanager (the purple color in the app)


    Also i turn a little crazy ( again...  :p  ) and i have decided to make a skin for Axis, but Fraenir  didn't seem to me the best option so i have tried to use Ilinir-Futa for my attempt:

    NOTE: The hair is the normal white hair for Ilinir (the fourth option)


    Tell me if there are any problem.

    PS:  I'm not sure to who i should give credit for the characters,  sorry :cold_sweat:
  • odesodes Administrator
    Good work on that Avi skin!
  • very nicely done!
  • Awesome, well done, thanks!
    I love how you copied the pose ;)
  • Thank you all.

    PS: kroch, the pose was a must   :p
  • NoOneCH, yes you are right, i didnt see the other message, thanks for the information!
  • Oh my that Avi skin is awesome. Nice shading man. Finally we got a proper skin after a while.

    Looking forward for your next skins :3

    Spoilers ahead;

    (The butt seems like it need some more work tho. Just saying.)
  • blain, np  :)

    About what Placebo00 pointed, for now i fixed the problem in the base of the tail (think so).
    I have left the same link of the post for the new pack with the zone fixed.
  • Damn that shading though, I might as well through my skins in the trash lol. It looks really good. I guess I should learn from you.
  • ... I might as well through my skins in the trash...
    Dare not even think such a thing, fooooooool...!!!      ( cough ... sorry :p )

    Thank you.
    I think i'm now beginning to understand how to do things with Blender...
    (... after about, maybe, five months of tutorials   >sigh< :unamused: )
  • Requested by Placebo00, here my attempt for Fox of a skin of Etheras...

    Credits for the character Etheras for the autor, if i'm not misinformed, with the same name.

    Since the skin has ended up being a little "homogeneous", i added a couple of clothes ... no too elaborated but... 

     I let with the format of the Skinmanager the nude skin, the clothes with the "groin" zone lowered, the eyes and another version of the purple outfit without the "loincloth" part.
     There are included as "Extras" in the pack all the clothes without the skin, both versions "lowered" and just in case also the "raised", so they can be used with other skins of Fox.

    Here the link:

    Tell me is there are any problem.
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    Hey @NoOneCH, you wouldn't happen to have a bottomless version of the black shirt white fox, would you?
  • Aww yiss, Etheras <3
    Found my second slot skin for the Fox boy!

    Mwahahaha the things i would do to this fox now ;3

    Thank you man!
  • Dammit, if only we got more skin slots for the Fox...
  • Thank you all, glad you like it.

    Ooops ... now that you ask i have realized that i forgot to comment that in the "Extras" the top and the bottom(s) of the black clothes are in separated images and you can put it over the skin separately.
    Anyway i let here in the skinmanager format the black top only version already over the skin just in case.
  • And leaving without even trying some skin ideas because i almost did not finish on time (that "Bob Frankenstein" will have to wait :p ), i put here a try of "Halloween pack":


    Vampire Queen

    Wraith    ( ...or something )
    ( if some one ask, you can say that all the clothes have been broken by the spirit  :expressionless: )

    Summing up, in the pack you will find:
    - Bunny  Wraith
    - Maya  Vampire Queen
    - Ilinir  Mummy  (undead and "regenerated")
    - Wolf  Sand Guardian  (it seems that it can get everywhere  -cough cough- )


    Well, happy day... night... Samhain... Halloween... festivity...

    ...tell me if there is any problem.
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