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Valve is going to start allowing adult content on the Steam store soon

Seems like an opportunity to get Yiffalicious available on Steam. The fee for listing something on Steam is still only $100, which seems pretty low relative to the potential income (even compared to cost of bandwidth needed for downloads, in the long run). And I think Valve might still be waiving the fee for VR-enabled games? So you may be able to get it into the store free. (Greenlight and stuff is long gone, if you haven't been staying up to date; only barrier to entry is the $100 fee)

Maybe a paid DLC or something that allows access to the patreon version? Though I think Steam also allows subscription services. Figuring out pricing may be tricky. I think a lot of people would be interested in one-time payments instead of a monthly fee.

Maybe Steam Workshop integration could also supplement the yiff cloud, reducing hosting costs even more?


  • Well, YF1 is free, so I don't think a Steam version has to have a price.
    And while there's this $100 cost plus any development needed to implement the Steam sdk, having YF1 on Steam will increase the project visibility, and that can lead to more patrons helping the funding for YF2, so I think than putting YF1 on Steam is a great idea.
    About YF2, I don't think the Steam model works for it, because in Steam you only pay once, and then all updates are free. This may be good for a completed project or for a studio that has it's own means of funding the development, but not feasible for Yiffalicious' dev team.
  • O boy, but is the world ready yet?
  • Steam profiles will probably all be changed to "private" after/if they implement this lol
  • I guess they could add a feature to hide games from your profile. Because there's always a game you aren't specially happy to be found owning it. In my case I have "Genital Jousting" and "Hatoful Boyfriend". They were way too bizarre to not try them, but now I have them on display, and I'm not completely comfortable with that.
  • think of the people who are closet furries, Private would be the only thing you'll ever see from friends
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