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Graphics, AA & RR

For Yiffalicious version 0.7.2 64bit, idk if the other versions do it too but i noticed that "Realtime reflections" cause the reflections to Flicker. Like the lamps are flickering and everything thats reflective. Turning them off helps but it remove the quality and the point of the filter.
Also an issue with "Anti-Aliasing", turning off "RR" helped its own issue but also the edges in the rooms are also jittering. Edges vibrate, causing the quality to go down. 
Turning that off helps but that totally ruins the look, making everything dull.
I have a Aorus GeForce 11GB Xtreme Edition, so i can crank up the quality. 
I was wondering if this was a filter glitch? What it seems is that the water moving, i think it causes the reflections to have seizures. 
"AA" with TXAA is whats causing it but the water is causing the issue. Now on FXAA, FXAA is no different than OFF. 
I am not a 3d designer or a 3d developer but if i new how to code, i would offer help. Just wanted to point out the "Graphics" issues. 
I am at the Stage where the house is in the middle of the Ocean.


  • First, update Yiffalicious to the last version, currently 1.0
    Then, make sure you have the lastest graphics drivers for your card, don't bother with the ones by Gigabyte, download the generic ones directly from nVidia there:
    Lastly, if you still have problems with antialiasing on Yiffalicious, create a profile in the geforce driver settings for Yiffalicious forcing antialising on and make sure it's on supersampling mode. Supersampling gives you very good quality and usually doesn't have any glitches, but it's expensive (in performance terms). But as you have a extremely powerful graphics card you should have performance to spare.
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