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Broken interactions

I have found a few interactions which seem to be broken. The thumbnail is shown as be damaged, and the animation cannot be downloaded. There seem to be some kind of server error. However, these animations do have votes, so I assume they were functional in the past.

I have starred the animations, so that I can find out the ID in the metadata file.
Here is the meta data I could find out:

First broken interaction:
ID=2395, "My Fleshlight by "TauTeFox", Score 69, date 2016-02-28

Second broken interaction:
ID=3183, "Candle by Monatee", Score 33, date 2016-10-18

Third broken interaction:
ID=4207, "DP Special #1 by DP Specialist", Score "?", date 2016-09-24

Maybe you can recover these interactions.


  • odesodes Administrator
    Thanks for pointing that out. I think these interactions may have become corrupted when we migrated from our old cloud solution to the new one. Unfortunately it would not be trivial to recover them.
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