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Grabbing and moving your Partner

Hello Yiffalicious Team ! 
I Love you guys I genuinely do and I think youre pioneers of the genre 
of VR Erotica. Ever since Ive got my Oculus I have tried out a whole slew of different games and nothing comes quite close to what Yiffalicious has to offer and I cant wait to see what Yiffalicious has on the horizon. 

Suggestion or rather question;  I played another 3D VR experience called Virt-a-Mate (VaM), and overall it was a very clunky experience and more frustrating than anything but i had alot of interesting mechanics I was curious if Yiff might incorperate some day.

-VaM allows you to posess the model of your choosing in an interaction's hands and grab your virtual partner and move them around to a degree. 
This allows blowjobs to feel more interactive and to feel like youre actually pulling your partner in and away from you and through all Vams clunk it was actually a breathtaking experience. (I love your work and I feel like you could really make this work right)
-They had the ability to use an actual internet browser on a TV on the wall in the VR Space and the game came with an ingame VR keyboard so you never had to leave the experience. It worked pretty seamless though from afar was hard to see clearly.

I feel like anything you do on the matter you could do no wrong, 
again excited about YL2 and wish you all the best Love you guys 
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