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Fantasy/Medieval Skins

edited December 2019 in Custom skins
Fantasy Skins

Edit: Fixed broken links (see below)

We've got swimsuits for the beach house, formal attire for the office, and evening wear for the bar- I figured a few skins centered on the Fantasy map were due!

Bob as Executioner
Khana as Witch/Alchemist

Finn as Squire
Charlotte as Barmaid/Wench

Naturally the ladies have more liberating alternate skins!

I finished these a few weeks ago, finally getting around to posting them. Might do more depending on feedback. Some of the clothes (especially Charlotte's) are available as separate PNG files on request!

Remart's Fantasy Skins:!jYQWiCoA!XFj6piEQlHYmsqQKqYxztQ
Bob Pack (Body and Eyes):!yF4g0aJQ!SQitKk2g6q43g-eRa_gcafBrTeCkNrvimqtp_fMF1ZU
Khana Pack (Clothed, Bare, Nude):!uUoCHKhT!rDzLNFTWlS7C2KqPSxtlus4PU6r4TjgyRjCqDKsnTbw
Finn (Body only):!OdpwHaIR!7ZIRZu6bVIpmGrV4qkpXDVJzMCHDkN5LDllqn45gO88
Charlotte Pack (Clothed, Bare):!LRoy0a6Q!BcLZDhyApuZ7gIopMrUntcuhTr2XWwOdLEDEGdQeqZg


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