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Just a bit of help or some tips

edited June 2018 in General discussion
Pretty new to this thing, so I had a question. I ran into an animation that I wanted to see with vaginal penetration instead of anal penetration.

I was wondering exactly how do I change it? I've tried clicking all of the dots and swapping things around but I can't seem to change exactly where the penis is going. Is there a simple way of swapping orifices? Or does there have to be an entirely new thing done.

Forgive me for sounding like a noob, just interested in learning some of these animations and I was hoping for some insight and tips from the experienced.


  • no, unfortunately there's no way to easily switch holes. when creating a scene, usually you first place the receiver and then place the penetrator, and before spawning the penetrator it'll give you an option to spawn penetrating an orifice or just spawn normally, that's basically the only way of setting that. however something that you could do is spawn the same penetrator to the other hole, then try to replicate their pose/thrust settings, and then delete the old character. this won't work for everything, however, as scenes with multiple snapshots will require you to recreate the same thrust/expression settings for each snapshot, which can get ridiculous as you keep doing it
  • Oh man :/

    That sounds like absolute murder.
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