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Losing faith...

Hi all. As wonderful as YL1 is, I must admit, that I am beginning to lose faith in YL2. I know the devs are working hard, but progress is slow and there is far between news of any kind for us, that cannot afford to pay on patreon. 


  • I hope I don't sound too harsh saying this but how does slow progress and no public news make you lose faith? It should be assuring enough that at least they are working on it and how there are plans to release a character creator demo. Besides it seems that YL2 is going to be far more advanced than YL1 so that explains the slow progress. We just gotta be patient.
  • @DrunkDragon Im Truely excited for for YL2  like everyone, but just like everyone you need to be patient. As Lizard said, YL2 is probably gonna be more advanced than YL1 so progress is gonna be slow. you also need to understand these are people working on this, with lives,jobs, and stuff they gotta deal with on a daily basis. As Lizard, me, and everyone else is gonna tell you, just be patient.
  • @DrunkDragon I sympathize with your sentiment.  I have ceased my Patreon support for now and only follow the public news on this site.  I have done so only because I had been a long time patron while the team was making actual deliverables.  I still have hopes that Y2 will get off the ground soon. I fully intend on resuming monetary support as soon as there are working deliverables.  

    I’m a programmer by profession.  I understand the process and some of the technical hurdles The team is attempting to overcome.  Y2 is a very ambitious project.  I am currently not aware of anything quite like it in concept.  It will take time.

    Currently the devs seem to be optimistic and seem to be making progress. As long as they remain committed to the project I have hope that it can be realized.  

    So, I submit, it is OK to reduce or suspend your monetary contribution, but continue supporting with a positive outlook and active interest.  

    The devs may feel otherwise about the monetary contribution part.
  • odesodes Administrator
    edited July 2018
    As long as they remain committed to the project I have hope that it can be realized.  

    So, I submit, it is OK to reduce or suspend your monetary contribution, but continue supporting with a positive outlook and active interest.  
    Pretty much this.

    Note, all that is really required for this project to be finished is two things - progress and persistence. As long as we stick to it, it's inevitable that YL2 is going to be finished eventually.

    It's true that support may waver during this development period, but that's something we've already accepted. We are of course happy if people want to continue funding the development, but if they don't that's OK too. It's perfectly understandable that people may choose to pay for things they can get now, rather than something they could potentially get in the future, especially considering the amount of phony people there are doing crowd funding.

    All I can say is that at this point, the future of YL2 is not only vital to us from a monetary perspective (being able to pay bills), but also from a spiritual one. We've poured so much thought, effort and love into YL2, that abandoning it now would leave a permanent hole in us. We NEED to finish this to feel complete, regardless.
  • @DrunkDragon I feel ya. The wait is brutal. It's like waiting for Christmas...on December 26th.
  • @odes Have you considered bringing in some staff? As far as I know (given, which is not much), it is only you and Dogson working on it. You know the old saying "The more hands, the lighter the load". But, then again, "Too many chefs spoil the dish"...
  • Have you considered bringing in some staff?
    Wikipedia has the answer to that:'s_law
  • odesodes Administrator
    edited July 2018
    We have. We've brought in people to off-load the server implementation so we can focus on the app. As for the actual app itself, I'm afraid bringing in more people would only complicate the process and make it take even longer to finish.
  • I haven't lost faith. I would even consider reapplying my patreon subscription if it weren't for my financial situation. Every time they bring out news I get more excited. Please keep at it, fellas. You are champions of the genre.
  • @odes As I said, "too many chefs..." XD
      But nonetheless, keep up the awesome work! Have looked into other alternative furry games and nothing comes close for immersion and custom scenes.
  • People have to remember that the character creator will be the base by which the entire interactions system will be built from. I imagine even the official characters will have to use the same system but with specificly made parts.
    Once the creator has come together in some form I'm sure the YL team can use what they learnt from the first project to get the interactions base down fairly quickly.
    It takes just as much time designing effective ui as it does programming the base functions.
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