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Xray inside view of sorts

edited July 2018 in Suggestions
First sorry if this was posted / suggested ( Couldn't find anything using the search)

So what are you're guys thoughts on this ? .... like a toggle view of sorts where you can see how deep the shaft is inside or so ... with all the pinky flesh surrounding it and then perhaps a womb or stomach than can be filled with cum or so when climaxing ... Its probably insanely difficult to implement 

am just wondering who else shares this fetish or so ?


  • +1 for the X-ray fetish gang

    If it's feasible and/or possible, I'd love to see some sort of x-ray view in YL2.
  • In YL1 is not really possible, because the penis is culled (stops being rendered) when enters a hole.
    If in YL2 they make it so the the penis doesn't get culled and follows the insides of the character being penetrated, it may be possible, but it would add a lot of complexity, because it can't clip outside the character, and it's even more complicated if it's a multiple penetration...
    I would like it, but I don't think it makes sense spending the time it would require to implement it.
  • yeah agreed ... thats I've noticed ... But then again ... these people managed to build an amazing app ... the effects and details of the penetration is "off the charts ! " ... it beats the juggernauts with likes of "Klub 17 and Honey select " .... so who knows ... those people might actually pull out some tricks up their sleeves  
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