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After you release YL2, will you continue in creating content for YL1?


  • odesodes Administrator
  • Really wanted YL2 so bad. XD
  • edited August 2018
    Honestly, it'll take forever to finish at this point i think. Considering that theyre starting from scratch plus the things that they wanted to put it. We'll get old first before we get to play it i think lol.

    Remember YL1 and how long it took for the final release? Yeah. Im not getting my hopes up. Not anymore at least.
  • YF1 has lots of possibilities and content available right now as is, and I'm not even counting the custom skins because they're something somewhat external to the app.
    YF2 will take a lot of time, but perfection takes time, and I would be less optimistic if not for what they did accomplish with YF1.
    Also, I don't really want them to do too many things with YF1 right now, as it would slow YF2 progress.
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