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YL2 Wishlist

so i thought it would be fun and/or interesting to see what everyone is hoping to see in yiffalicious 2. for me, things that come to mind would be (in order of importance):

1. better neck, hand (fingers) and torso posability: especially the ability to rotate the head, and the upper body around the spine (right now, the orientation of the hips completely defines which direction the character is looking by default)

2. more humping options: the mate hump setting is great, but i would welcome grinding options, or the setting to hump side to side instead of just forward and back

3. randomized snapshots: in yl1, you can only set which snapshot comes next, but having the next snapshot be determined randomly could give some interesting dynamics. this is debatable though, since yl2 probably has a different snapshot system

4. i know this is very unlikely but: ferals. ilnir can somewhat be posed to have a bit of a resemblance to a feral dragon, but the real deal would be awesome.


  • Regarding number 3, maybe if there were a sublist of frames/snapshots, that could be chosen from? Would be a short interaction, if it were to skip straight to the cum event :)
  • The things I like to be added are more options to the "set parent" of the joints.
     For example: attach a hand to a tail (grabbing the tail); or copping only the rotation/movement of the parent(not both)
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