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Nipple penetration, distention/deformation

Hey Odes,

I know your not working on interaction mechanics yet for YL2 but after seeing the awesome work you've been doing on nipple customization I was wondering if implementing nipple penetration would be possible.

I understand that it would be difficult considering it's not a mesh, but perhaps the interaction drivers could alter the scale of the projector or the curves used in the mapping?

I was also wondering, given the variety of sizes possible in the character creator, wether deformation would be possible for the meshes from penetration. A bit like in the Lugia game where there is visible throat bulging during oral. I was seeing the blend tech that you have been using and got to thinking that maybe a hidden mesh could surround the penis that is culled in reverse to what the actual penis mesh is, and this second mesh could have the receiving characters skin texture projected on to it and be blended with the character model to create pretend mesh deformation.

I don't know if I have explained very well but I figured I'd attempt to share my thinking.

Regardless keep up the awesome work you guys do, can't wait for future updates!


  • odesodes Administrator
    Hi there fudmo!

    We are happy to say that we are actively preparing our universal model to support nipple penetration, but whether or not we will actually manage to implement it further down the road remains to be seen.

    Bulging for throat and perhaps belly too is definitely something we're looking into. Your suggested technique is interesting, and not something I had considered. However, I don't think it would look that good, as a bulge needs to stretch the surrounding areas. The way we were thinking about doing it is by utilizing our GPU raycasting system for efficient and accurate displacement. Here, too, it remains to be seen if we can actually pull it off, but we are optimistic.

  • I would love bulging to be implemented.
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