Slutty Horse

Not my first skin, but the first skin that I deemed good enough publish with my name on it. Been wanting this sort of horse design for a while, but never saw it, so I went ahead and fired up blender to do it myself <span>:wink:</span>
Was inspired by the character Ashley the Whorse, work of Shadman and Spazkid (maybe you've heard of them). 
Since this is my first time posting a skin, the resources will likely be poorly organized and/or not work with the skin manager... I don't know how to properly pack it up, so it's probably just gonna be a google drive file with the _MainTex along with the black coloring for the hair and tail. If anyone might give me a little explanation or link to one so that next time I can do it right, that would be greatly appreciated <span>:smile:</span>
Stuffs to downloads:
Google image of OC:

Thanks for checking my skin out! Enjoy!

P.S. when you click to download the textures, if it zips the file and asks if you want to leave the site, just click yes or "leave" and it will download the zip. Dunno if this is normal (again, my first time) but I thought I might leave a little forewarning in case it wasn't. 
P.P.S. If anything is wrong with the downloads or anything, please let me know :D


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