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Female Wolf/Better Customization/Multi-Breast

Hey there!

I've always been hoping for a female wolf character, but I can't seem to find anyone who can make that in the Custom Skins topic. What I have also been wanting is multi-breast in the in-game customization options, also more size options and ways to edit the body shape as well. 


  • Not going to work unfortunately as the models are hardcoded in. Going to have to wait for YL2 with the custom character edittor.
  • @ByrgLord
    Yeah, sadly ;____;

    Not to mention it would take forever to finish YL2, or even make it into a playable state. The closest we got now, is a character customization, and thats it. Gotta wait for the whole posing systems to be implemented. Man, imma get old first lol
  • Well not really, think they could go with YL1 system for the sex scenes just add the character customizer and that would be enough, don't think they need to build the sex scene system from the ground up? 
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