My Hero Academia Skin Pack (WIP)

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Been a while since I've done something on here, unfortunately the previous Charlotte skins I had are currently on hold due to me not liking them very much. So I decided to move onto something I would enjoy more. For my next skin pack it's Hero Academia themed! Here are some WIP previews for some of the skins that will be feature. Once again these are just WIP and the majority need some color polish since I have to make sure everything is colored. And of course I will give Mt Lady a custom hair color.There's still quite a few more to go, so stayed tuned. (Note: The Rhino and Finn skins in the preview are not apart of the pack there's just some skins that I had for them.)


  • Uhhh....Power Rangers? lol
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    Nope, My Hero Academia :3 It's Midoria
  • @SpazzleHusky Correct! I was a bit nervous that I didn't make it look enough like his costume. But yes this skin pack will be My Hero Academia themed!
  • Are you going to make just one skin per character or you going to make multiple skins of different characters from the Anime per character?
    I think Ilinir would combine with a Tsuyu or a Ochaco skin
    The fox would also combine with a Yuga or Mineta Skin
    I really the dragon or the Rhino model would combine with a All-Might Skin
    And Charlotte would look good with a Mina skin
  • @Playerone I'll take some of these into consideration. My current plan is
    Fox: Deku
    Wolf: Bakugou
    Illinir: Momo (I actually really like the Tsuyu suggestion though)
    Cat: Uraraka
    Fraenir: All Might (plans for a possible Endeavor skin as well)
    Elaine: Midnight
    Rhino: Nomu
    Charlotte: Mt Lady (Mina was also a good suggestion I will keep it in mind)
  • @JustABoredLizard This is such a great show. Waiting for more of it to be dubed so I can continue!
  • Just updated this post with some previews! Please let me know what you guys think and if you have any suggestions (please know that I'm not the best artist so any of the more complex costumes will be a bit difficult for me to do.)
  • I was curious if you ever finished these? :3
  • @SpazzleHusky Oh geez, it's been a while. But yes I do have some finished. I deeply apologize for keeping this hanging for so long, but I finally have some time off this weekend and I'll definitely work on them fully, maybe even add more characters just to make up for my absence on this. :*
  • I wouldn't hate that :P
  • @SpazzleHusky Glad to hear, thanks for your patience :D I've been thinking of doing some more male characters such as Endeavor and Vlad King maybe even Dabi if I could somehow pull that off. But to keep it equal, Mina, Nejire and Pop Star have also been floating around as an idea. I mostly try to fit the character with models from the game.
  • Well I am very excited to see the skins :3
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