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Humans in YL2

edited September 2018 in Suggestions
Im gonna the part where i beg (cause i know that doesnt work) and get to my reasons why i think humans should be in YL2. 4 simple words, Monster girls/guys. The possibilities in this category are grand due to the mythos behind ancient creatures like the Minotaur, gorgons, harpies, demons, werewolves, and kappas. Not to mention the Imagination of thousands of people who come up with crazy monsters, beasts, creatures, and anthros. There's even a internet page all about monster girls here, so if you used that you could get references and ideas as to what you could throw into YL2 (if you want to). With this, the furry fanbase, and your groups creativity and skills, the possibilities could be near endless!

There's also the obvious idea of branching out your fan base, leaving it as just a furry based game,(which i have no problem with, i love this game) it can just be a bit... limiting. If you branched out a bit into that category though , im sure there would be tons of people who would flock to YL2.


  • Well, since the characters will be customizable in shape & texture, I don't think it'll be hard to use what we'll be given to make monster guys & girls. I've already messed around with making half-human half-anthro skins in YL1, so it'll probably be even easier to do so in YL2. But I suppose I'm not against some added human face shapes/options or something.
  • edited September 2018
    Mh. If you want "that" level of "complexity" in the customization, i dont think that would be possible. At least, not at this rate. Granted, some add-ons may be possible, if modding would be a thing.

    Having just a human shape faces heads tho, and, then hair, now that might be possible. But dont ask me, im not a dev lol
  • Odes said lots of times that this is first a furry game, and while humans are not totally discarded, adding humans won't be considered until YL2 is at least feature complete.
  • @odes i completely understand that. Im not asking for it right this second, i know its going to be a good while before something like this is even considered. they haven't even release the character creation they've talked about yet. The idea will be here at least.
  • I really hope, that there will be a possibility for male humans at some point.
  • @DrunkDragon Me too. Human man on Beast woman is hot as fuck.
  • @dn19 That's my whole thing. I love furry females, but I don't identify as a furry myself .I don't have a fursona. Being "raped" (as in, I don't mind and it is 100% voluntary) by 6 or 7 sexy furry ladies is a huge git with me.
  • Think it would be a good decision 'business' wise to include humanoids as they would bring in more potential buyers and it would be nice to make some elfs and orcs to go with it.
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