An Doubt i have

It's just me who thinks that people should make more porn videos from Yiffalicious,using the most recent custom skins?
I kinda don't like that isn't there many videos of yiffalicious with the custom skin characters on it,or that there isn't too many vids getting uploaded on websites


  • I never thought of it before, but porn vids would be great free advertising.
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    I dont think thats the point of YL in the first place. Not to mention that YL also has its limitations that prevents the making of a "convincing" *bleep* video

    Also, that would require SERIOUS amounts of work. Which from the looks of it? Not many were interested to make such thing in the first place. lol
  • I really don't think it would be hard to make an video from YL.
    The simplest thing to do would be using a screen recorder software like Fraps or Bandicam to record the animations.
    But also Placebo00,what would be the point of a dynamic engine that allows you to make Yiff animations? LoL
    For me,the main point of YL is to allow people that have zero or low knowledge on making animations to be able to make furry porn animations.

  • If you have an Nvidia Gfx card, you most likely have Shadowplay. It works great, once it is set up right.
  • So,what about if i make a thread for people to post their animations and videos from Yiffalicious?
    Sounds a great idea for me
  • @Playerone

    No arguments here. That seems ok.
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    You can also use OBS, Open Broadcast Software, Like the other 99% of the human race. 

    Though I will admit, Shadowplay is better than using Unregistered Hypercam 2 

    *Cue crappy music and some 13 year old peck typing into notepad*

    BTW Open Broadcast Software is free, so you have nothing to loose by using it, and it is way more flexible. 
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