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[Charlotte Herm/Futa/Female] Custom Cow Skin

edited February 2019 in Custom skins
I spent waaaay too long on this, but here it is. This skin was inspired by a drawing by Matoc of his OC Eva:

Full Skin Preview Album

Besides wanting to try my hand at making a skin, I wanted make a skin for the balls that gave it more detail and bagginess. Partially successful! 
Herm Smooth:
Herm Wrinkled:
Smooth (open orifices):
Wrinkled (open orifices):
I also made a black texture for the penis and added a few more veins.

Herm/Futa v1 Downloads

All Three Files:!gE5ihSrI!Z4xRevsWAbHLTlsJcPV53OvOdWA6HHli28YWigJN5GI
"Smooth" Variation:!5F5SCQoB!VZ9RPZ-dvorwKZnKl0r_dOWIinQRlFl3O0q-lyhrDyQ
"Wrinkled" Variation:!VRpWxazB!0bNKeaATZZu4H2YVGxeb6ipMp5JCA3o3uFteR44b-kc
Black Penis:!VApgzaLB!DHXYtFXOlhzZubOjRmyIsn9pCtV1Wk8tmzsgxdM0E6A

Also as requested, here's a female variation. I learned a few new tricks and may go back and update the herm/futa version later.
Female Smooth:
Female Wrinkled:

Female Downloads

All Two Files:!tEIl2ajT!3qHe-z4_y7hg7jXiUm0t51QU7-DeUlZrmzLGajmraL8
"Smooth" Variation:!5BADGKaI!h69pXaPvh7xsaYWlK-WEsPz2pOUEijqAYBfdaVwKPpo
"Wrinkled" Variation:!JMBBHCxI!9iwqUbWWL1uFK7Vt0Gurs7iAGYOD8ylIHM9672bnBGc

*Horns used in screenshots from Bckiwi's Raricow:


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