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Question about YL2

Hello everybody.

Have questions.

1. In the future project, will all available sex poses, including oral sex and masturbation, fingering (vag and anal)?
For example, here it is:

There is no such function in YL2

2. In YL2, will it be possible to change any pose without restriction?
For example.

It's very difficult to attach to the next character. And I would like to use a free dock without restrictions.

That's all. Thanks for the answer


  • i think they mentioned something about progressive scenes
  • odesodes Administrator
    Hi there Tolkne,

    Welcome to the forums!

    1. A big reason why we started working on YL2 was to offer more options regarding what types of interactions you can set up. Once we get to implementing the interaction systems, we will start with the regular penetration mechanics, but later on, oral sex, masturbation and fingering are all things we want to implement in YL2. It remains to be seen how successful we are in implementing these behaviours in a procedural manner, but we are optimistic.

    2. Yes, connections between characters will be possible to set up after they've been posed, and it will also be possible to change poses over the duration of the interaction.

    I hope these answers are satisfactory.

    All the best.
    - odes
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