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Steam VR troubles

I'm using a program called trinus to play VR game such as this amazing one, and am having a strange issue.  the original post is going to have the tldr when I post it, since it is 4AM and I can barely think, haha.  hopefully it will be enough to get this issue solved.

Using trinus I can successfully load steamVR and see true 3D view, but when I load yiffalicious the actual game window loads in 2D VR, while the steam VR game monitor loads in true 3D, but with a very weird graphical setup, link.  I can operate the game menus from the game window, but from the goggles it looks zoomed in, and each eye is just a continuation of the game screen.  I can then switch to the steam VR game monitor and view the scene I loaded.  Has anyone else encountered this issue and maybe found a fix for it?  Will add details for the trinus setup and other such things when I'm not half dead :P


  • I should also mention that:
    A:  The game looks fine from the google cardboard VR player
    B:  Yes I made an account to complain about a bug lol
  • The problem is most likely with Trinus being buggy and not working with  Unity 's VR plugin. The devs of Yiffilicious are AMAZING but developing VR code and fixing problems like that one might be beyond them. Especially with so many other things they have to get done.

    Maybe find another Unity game that it doesn't work with that isn't NSFW and complain about that one on the Trinus forums. Maybe then they'll end up accidentally fixing the Yiffilicious bug?

    I assume you did but just to be safe, you did open the yiffalicious.exe (VR version) and not the yiffalicious_novr.exe (not VR)
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