Make more character

In two years ago, i was played your game and i think this game was wonderful, but the items and the characters was too less. If the game have more furry, human or other things like character, it will make the game be fun again. :)


  • YL2, the sequel to this game that is still being developed, will have more characters & you will be able to make your own characters too. YL1, the game we are all playing right now, won't have any new characters, so skins are your best bet for now.
  • i know that change the character's skin could make it like new character, but that all furry was used. I know i say it that will make you become rage, but in fact i just want you to understand my problem.
  • Huh? No rage here, I'm in the same place as you. We just have to be patient, more characters are coming, but in YL2 & not YL1. It might be a while sadly.
  • Thanks bro :)
  • Wish they let you insert your own charas into YL1 via blender and unity, would be rad if they made it open source like that but that doesn't make sense business wise that much x3
  • some one can make 

    Goro    Mortal Kombat   and   

    Kintaro  also 

    Motaro   thanks for your time 

  • how to get to multyplayer here 
  • Is there a skin for a male human to interact with the yiff characters in YL 1? 
  • I am a patron in the first tier . If there is a human male char skin to interact with the tiffs characters in yl 1 please provide a link to that skin? Also when is y l 2 coming out ? 
  • The yiff characters need a human male char to interact with to show them who is boss and to get to them properly . Heheh
  • Ask for permission to import models to the Source Filmmaker.

  • odesodes Administrator
    As long as you give proper credit and don't make money off it, we're fine with it.
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