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New location

Many player know that the game have 6 or 8 places in here, but i think if have special place like hospital, school, mountain, shopping centre, train station and other place, it will make the game  be awesome.


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    Yiffalicious 1 won't have any more content updates.
    Yiffalicious 2 is under development and the developers still hasn't got to the part where a map is used, so there's no info yet on what types of environments will have.
    I guess that all the ones from Yiffalicious 1 will be ported, as the maps don't have anything custom tied to the program mechanics.
  • It sucks how they abandon continuation of yiffalicious 1, but continue to work on yiffalicous 2 even though its not out yet. I personally think they can still work on yiffalicious 1 while having yiffalicious 2 as a side project. If you ask me there could still be more things added to yiffalicious 1 before it comes to an end.
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    They have been pretty vocal about their dissapointed with YL1 in that adding custom characters tech was not done early on.

    The devs' know the feature everyone wants is custom characters and I'm sure that was quite demotivating, looking at your project and knowing you can't deliver.

    I think that' why YL1 was abandoned. Besides, YL2 is gonna be free and have CCs so whatever.
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    I think is disrespectful to say that YL1 is abandoned.
    YL1 is finished, not abandoned. 
    Please don't be spoiled, be a little more patient, I'm sure YL2 will amaze us. And if they use time to add stuff to YL1, that time won't be used to push forward YL2, and for me it equals to time lost.
  • (@ByrgLord (@Horsie )

    Now... yes I did say abandon but I'm not saying they abandoned yiffalicious1. I'm only saying they abandoned cause there is still a bit they can do. I mean put it this way" You guys ever play console games?" When the Nintendo Wii came out they kept adding new games new features especially in the Wii Shop Channel, its been popular for a while now, then comes the Nintendo Wii U. They came out with the Wii U as a side project meaning. They were able to keep the Nintendo Wii going on through games,apps,etc... During that time they had a side project which was as you know [The Nintendo Wii U]. Though after the Wii U has been released they still continued to keep features up to date on The Nintendo Wii. What I am saying is why stop doing fixes or updates on Yiffalicious 1 but They brought up yiffalicious 2 and said they will stop updating Yiffalicious 1. (Im not using xbox or playstation as examples cause I don't wanna start a console war...) I do hope you understand.

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    To work on putting more features into yl1 would be to the detriment of completing yl2, the version of yl we all wanted. as they've said, the engine itself is a problem and maintaining a codebase can be more difficult than starting fresh. also your comparison is rather poor for two reasons: nintendo vs a few furry bois, and wii and wii u games aren't two wholly different beasts
  • @plaidshirtmonster

    bruh my comparison was an example... your statement for reasons was poor. I wasn't even comparing furries in my example pal.

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